Wedding Organizers Portraits Part 1

Basically in every wedding day, there are heaps of teams working behind the scene to make everything work smoothly.

And among those teams, I really admire Wedding Organizers.

The good ones, you can’t live without them. They’re like invisible angels making sure everything is ready and in place when the time comes.

The bad ones, well, they make your day a living hell and they cause chaos everywhere. Your wedding day is destined to be doomed.

Thank God me and the team here in Edward Suhadi Productions have the pleasure of working with some of the best wedding organizers around.

I’ve had my chance to shoot Mas Emil Eriyanto and MKE a while back, and while I was in Japan, the guys organized to shoot some of the wedding organizers we often work with. Just a little thank you for making our lives easier.

And for all the wedding organizers out there, we’re sorry since we cannot shoot everyone of you at once. There will be another shootout I guarantee you 🙂

– – – – – – –

Bellezza by Yacob

Eugene and Friends by Henry

Flair by Lisa

Kenisha by Loloque

MKE by Edward

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