In The Newsroom: Always Fight

Right now I am flustered with spirit. Washed by awe.

And that’s not because I just attended a speech or a motivational lecture, but I just finished the first season of The Newsroom, a new HBO TV series.

And boy is it a good series.

What feelings the series has left me with is very different than with what the other TV series have.

When others have just entertained, this one has me inspired me in every episode. Immensely.

I’m just gonna blabber the thoughts running through my head and the feelings thumping in my chest while watching the episodes. This post is one of the many things I picked up watching the show.

Reason #1 why I The Newsroom has inspired me:

The show is about the eternal fight: between the art and the business, between the passion and the profit, between the heart and the money. Between the vision and the popular.

It tells the story of a group of journalists that is fighting the mainstream and struggling their way into getting back into producing real, honest-unbiased-balanced-objective news. Telling the people of the relevant information they need to hear so they can make the right decision for their lives and for the upcoming election.

True and pure journalism. The things that a newsman can proudly call himself one.

On the other side of the ring, of course: the mainstream, the popular, the things that sells advertising because they glue more eyeballs into the screen: the pretty girl that killed her child, the senator that twitpic his penis, the footage of a hurricane that is played over and over and over again. The antagonists of the show: they are the business owners, the rating-dependent executives of the show.

Here’s an clip of an episode when Will (the main character) apologizing to the viewers and telling them that he is starting anew. Very good sentences and words. Relate it to your own business.

[youtube id=”zl9qGpG0pLw”]

It is the same eternal fight that we all know throughout any business and any industry.

Well, actually, to be accurate, it is the fight where we see ourselves getting beaten up over and over again.

As we can see with ample examples around us right now, in television, in music, in advertising, in business practices and ethics, in cinema, in photography: the mediocre, the popular, the idiotic and the shameless (which often are the same thing) are rising in numbers.

And if the history of mankind is any measurement, we (I am an idealist) will always be beaten up.

But you know what?

It sure is damn good to see there is still people fighting back.

And that’s what I see when I watch The Newsroom:

How a small group of people will always be there fighting, no matter how bruised and broken they are.

I can relate to that. I really can.

Because all my life, all I want to do is to fight and to stand up for something. Even though I know I will always be beaten up, I will always be fighting.

[youtube id=”q5TxEix6mdU”]

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