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A Strong Lifepartner When You Are Not
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Last nite me and my wife Francy were having a simple dinner in The Disco. Both of us were quietly eating our nasi padang on the main dining table.

It was one of my favorite times in this place: Late in the evening when everyone was gone. Some of the lights had been turned off. There was only silence between the clanking of spoons and fork against the plate.

I admired this place, gazing on its every corner while chewing away the rendang. Literally seeing your dream came true in a physical realm.

“I still can’t believe we’re here Cy,” I said.

“Remember when for the first time we pulled a piece of paper on our bed and we began to write down the assets we have, the cash in the bank, the potential sales of the year, calculating whether we could afford this place? I think we should frame that piece of paper.

Remember the numbers were so ridiculous and impossible that we had every reason to back off and cancel everything?

And remember how stressful the process, papers, permits, financing, and the regulations were?

And how a lot of people said that we were crazy and we’re only making a huge mistake?

How did we get here?”

While still picking away her curry chicken, she said, “Don’t you remember?”

When you were down, I was on the up. I comforted you and told you everything will pull through.

When I was the one who was weak, you’re the one who was strong. You convinced me that this is the right journey to take, and we cannot turn back now.

And that’s how we got here.

Please friends, choose the right #lifepartner for your life.

The right #lifepartner will take you to amazing journeys. You only have one shot at this.

Do not be fooled by wealth, looks, connections, popularity.

“I’m gonna be dead soon. Will you be my #lifepartner so I’ll end up as a better person when I do?”

Marry the guy or the gal that get the answer right on that question.

I am not saying to go look for the perfect ‘passionate’ person, but someone who is willing to work things out together with you.

Someone who is going to be up when you are down. Someone who is going to be strong when you are weak.

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