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What Kind of Person Do You Deserve?
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These two bozos, TJ and Ani, deserve each other.

This happened quite a while ago but I still remember it vividly.

I was coming back from a late movie night in an upscale mall with Francy. It was around 1.00 AM on a Saturday nite.

We were slowly making our way out of the parking lot building, queueing with the other cars toward the exit gate.

The car in front of us was driven by a guy and we can see a girl on the passenger side. They were definetely a couple from their body language. Besides who else watches a movie this late on a Saturday if not a couple.

Suddenly, the girl opened her window and then tossed out a huge lump of tissue trash. The pieces were rolling on the parking floor and it was so many like it was ‘clean your car’ day.

It is a sickening phenomenon in Jakarta: nice cars with (supposedly) wealthy, educated people tossing out garbage out of their windows. In this day and age, that unthinkable act still happen. We’ve heard of fruit leftovers, carton boxes, even used baby pampers flying out the window!

I was furious, and seriously thinking on getting out and bang the window 🙂 But that didn’t happen.

While the car was making its way to the payment booth, instead I said to Francy, “If the girl tosses out garbage, I’ll bet you ten thousand rupiah the guy will also toss out the paper receipt from the booth.”

When it was their turn to pay, the guy handed the ticket to the parking attendant, then a moment of pause, then he gave the money, another moment of pause, then the attendant gave him the change and the paper receipt.

At this moment me and Francy were literally holding our breaths.

Then his window rolled up.

Dang! I was dissapointed.

But as the car sped away, moments before the window was completely shut, a crumpled piece of paper was tossed out.

“SEE??!! SEE??!!”

. . .

Moral of the story: A boy and a girl become a couple because they deserve each other 🙂

A little logic on top of a blind love.

If you want a hot guy, make sure you know how to present yourself confidently.

If you want a smart lady, make sure you too know what you are talking about.

If you want a person to love you madly, make sure you are worthy to be madly loved.

And if you want to behave like cavemen driving around in expensive cars while tossing out garbage like it was normal, be my guest and find another cave dweller, because that’s what you deserve! Awesome! Happy marriage you two!

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