It’s Not Bad. Change Is Just Hard.

I stumbled on this post on the beautiful blog of Owen Williams, titled iOS 7 Isn’t Bad, Change Is Just Hard.

It’s about how a lot of people, are complaining about how ugly the upcoming iOS design is.

Apple is changing everything, making everything flat, colorful and modern minimalistic.

And they change a lot of the ways of how you do things on your iOS devices.

A lot of people hate iOS 7 so much.

But actually, it’s not bad. At least, not as bad as they were like *almost* trying to kill somebody because of it.

It’s just, y’know, change is hard.

Any change is hard for us.

If it were not, we’ll be a bunch of successfully wealthy people, highly decorated with achievements, with great health and six pack abs.

Change is always hard. Even when the next thing guaranteed after the change is going to be a very good thing, change is still hard.

We like things to be the way it is. Don’t touch my phone design. Don’t tell me to go on diet. Don’t tell me to work better. Even if it kills us and drives us into poverty and misery, we still choose not to change.

But there lies the secret.

When change is showing his ugly face, do not reject him. Try to listen what he has to say.

Try to try to change.

Because change most of the time points to better things.

It’s almost as accurate as a compass.

When you don’t like this change, then it is almost certain that he is good for you.

Wouldn’t you like that? A compass for you life?

Seek change. Feel bad about it, but learn to live with it.

In fact, do it whole-heartedly, and you’re on the right track.

*Thank you Owen 🙂

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One response to “It’s Not Bad. Change Is Just Hard.”

  1. Veny @MissLaiLai says:

    It’s interesting for me to read that a lot of people didn’t like iOs 7; many of the Apple fan-boys I follow seem to be excited on it! (Then again, they are Apple fan-boys. Ahem.). I am looking forward to a fresher design; not that I think there was anything wrong with the current one, but hey what do I know ;).

    And as to the essence of this blog post, I’m totally with you. It is much easier to stay in the comfort zone than face the rear ugly head of change–been there, done that. (Still there in fact). But it helps to visualise the end, and think that this uphill we are going, is just something we need to get through to see the beautiful view on the other side of the hill.

    Thanks for always writing this inspiring posts 🙂

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