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Tip Like Warren Buffett
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I really like this video. A group of cool guys leaving $200 tips and recording the reactions from the waiters. Watch:

[youtube id =”Q4enUE8qt_Q”]

It really is heartwarming, and part of it is because I have been tipping service people generously all my life.

Why? Because I have deep pockets? A lot of people have Grand Canyonesque pockets but tip less than me.

I think it is because I work in the service industry too, so I really-really know what they are going through.

Besides, tipping is less of what how much money you have, and more on how much you appreciate the people who are working hard for you.

And for the lower class that work as waiters, janitors, therapists, shampoo boys/girls, getting a 100k rupiah would make their day. Like really make their day. As for the lot of us, it’s probably just another meal on our lunch plate.

If you can tip more to that hard-working guy/girl, please do so. Being able to tip generously is one of the greatest use of our wealth.

Appreciate what they are doing, scraping tips for whatever they are saving for.

You *can* give happiness, and hope and gratefulness.

After a really long and tiring day, you might be the single person that is able to send this hardworking guy/girl home with a smile and a heart wrapped in a warm blanket.

I’ll guess that is at least worth 100k.

Just remember the glow from the people in the video above. “You’re a godsend,” said one of the waiters.

Tip like Warren Buffett every chance you got.

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