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The #lifepartner Newsletter
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I am, by my standards, happily married.

I think I’ve found the right gal to be with until I finished this journey of life, and hopefully, the feeling’s mutual on the other side.

We’re not saying that we’re perfect, we’re just saying that we’re happy. Fulfilled. Not always happy-joy-joy and comfortable life without fights and rainbows all around. But fulfilled. There’s a difference there.

There are still gazillion things that I need to learn about relationships, but I think I have a few things to share from this ‘fulfilled’ home. And also so many lessons I get from the beautiful couples that are my clients. And a lot of intimate stories and late chats from close friends and families.

About that special relationship, your lifepartner: how to find one, how to make one, how to endure one, how to flourish one, how to bless one.

And hopefully, as some have said, I write good about this 🙂 Some of the best responses I had in this blog are the ones talking about the lifepartner. Like this. And this. People seem to really dig it. Maybe they can relate to it. And maybe they learn something from it. A lot of people said I should write more often on this.

This lifepartner thing is also in line with my job: Meeting young couples in love. I just want the home they’re building to work. To be a couple of example. Living fullfilled. And bring more goodness to the world.

So we decided to make a whole new newsletter: The #lifepartner Newsletter.

We will be sending out a short writing every Wednesday morning to your email. A short story, a quote, an intimate sharing, a failure, a joke, an insight, a picture, anything devoted to making great, fulfilling relationships. I promise you it will be well curated, and it will be worth your five minutes.

The vision? A huge network of people, not necessarily couples, who are committed to build high quality relationships. Definetely I don’t want to be the one holding the microphone: we will share stories, ask a guest writer, or even have an offline meetup one day.

I know for sure that my relationship is a result of countless blessings, countless gentle advices and hard lessons and countless of caring friends, mentors and families. I’m just hoping the newsletter will be another tool to make it work.

Nothing is more powerful than a couple committed to give each other’s life their best. It’s the building blocks to a whole new society.

If you want to be added to this #lifepartner group, send an email to

And please help us sharing this to other couples you know.

We’ll be sending the first newsletter next Wednesday, 16th October, so see you guys in your inboxes real soon.

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