Are My Dogs Smarter Than Your Clients?

Dogs dislike being seperated from their masters, but a lot of times I need to.

Mostly it’s when I need to go out: The dogs need to be locked outside in the balcony.

A long time ago, the easiest way to do this, was to stand in the balcony, called them up cheerily so they got up quickly, then rushed out while hurriedly closing the door behind me.

I tricked them.

This happened for quite some time, but very quickly, it stopped.

They won’t come up to the balcony however cheerful my calling was.

And even worse, they won’t come to me even when I just want to play with them.

Then I realized, they got it.

“You sleazy Master. You tricked us. We won’t buy it anymore.”

It hit me that even it was the easiest thing, but I’ve done a terrible thing.

I made them distrust me.

After that, I never trick my dogs.

If I need to lock them out, I call them up, in a sturdy and authoritative tone, then I stand by the door, and point my arms out to the balcony.


At first it was hard. They didn’t like it.

But slowly, even it was taking a lot of my time and my energy, they did move outside the door.

The honest communication does take a lot of effort, consumes a lot of time, has a lot of risk (I’m not coming out today)

But it was the right thing to do. And I got their complete trust back.

Now. Do you think those clients you tricked, with added hidden fees, or small terms and conditions, or complicated sales lingo, or empty flowery promises, are smarter than a couple of dogs?


Then why are you still doing it? You sleazy Master. 🙂

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