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Blessing vs. Hardwork
Edward Suhadi comment One Comment

I asked,

“So how do you explain this thing between blessing and hardwork then?”

He then smiles.

“Listen, I know where you are coming from with this.”

He then spread his hands. He looked at his right.

“On this end you see people who are not working, or they have a terrible work habit but are always praying, believing that blessing will just happen, and their hard work is useless, because that would be not believing.”

Then he looked at his left.

“And on this end you see very hardworking people. They who wake up at five in the morning and come home at eight in the evening. They who pursue every lead and give everything they got on projects. They believe the success they have is proportionally related to the amount of sweat they give.”

He then looked at me.

“For me, it’s very easy.”

“We can plant the very best seeds, but rain comes from the heavens.”

“We can look for the best seeds, prepare them, take care of them, find the best soil to put them in, and then we plant them.”

“But if the rain does not come, then it will be all for nothing.”

“The same thing happens when rain comes day and night, but there is no seed in the soil, then we will have nothing.”

“We can only do what we can do. Once we put it in the ground, do you thnk we have any control at all to what will happen to the seeds? None.”

“So that’s what we do. We work really hard planting the seeds, but we always pray for the rain.”

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  1. Ko edward… 3 hari 3 malam aku baca seluruh artikel di sini. Dan percayalah kata-katamu merubah hidupku.
    Terimakasih untuk tulisan dan curahan pikirannya.