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There’s an interesting study that found that most of our positive emotional abilities is a lot like bucket full of water.

If you wake up in the morning, the bucket is full.

But everytime you use these emotional abilities: decision making, focus, optimism, patience, restrain, some water is poured out of the bucket.

When the bucket is dry, then you are not capable of doing those things anymore, resulting in: bad decision, bad work, anger, stress, depression, emotional rampage.

I always know that I can give my best at work, or at life in general, because my relationship, how do I put it, ‘does not need a lot of water.’

This is not to say that it will water itself, no. What I am trying to say is that I don’t need to worry to much when I am coming home.

Part of it because I am blessed, part of it because I choose my #lifepartner wisely, part of it because I have worked hard at my relationship.

I can use my water for a lot more things.

I have the freedom to choose the hard life, life with challenges that push me to grow, because I have enough water for it.

Imagine you have a broken relationship. You need a lot of water, say half a bucket, just to keep you from throwing dishes at home. Then what can you do with such less water at work/life?

In a simple sentence: When your relationship suffers, your work suffers. Because there is not enough water for everyone.

Choose the right #lifepartner, IT MEANS EVERYTHING. It will literally, directly make your life.

Warm wishes,

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