Golden Ticket Reminder, and…. submission video!!!

Hiya guys! It’s only two weeks away, I hope you guys are not forgetting about that Golden Ticket!. Here’s a quick round up of links to refresh your mind. The first announcement The Facebook Event page Example of how easy it is to make one For those who come in late, The Golden Tickets are […]

Joining The Blacksmith

A small yet reliable blacksmith! I coined those words to depict the “warm and easy” team in Edward Suhadi Productions. The team that I recently joined in, after a long corporate journey in one of the most respected financial institutions (ehm… that’s only the jargon, those who are familiar with it, knows where I came […]

The Golden Tickets Promotion

UPDATE: To give a sense of who’s in and how many are there participating, we’ve set up a Facebook Event page. You could let us know if you are interested and maybe in the process of making the video. Thanks! UPDATE 2: We have made an example video submission to give you a sense of […]

Project "Backyard" : Shooting in our very own Indonesia

UPDATE: We have updated Project Backyard Schedule page with new rates. Have a look. UPDATE: Vincent and Melissa has done BACKYARD-ing in Malang – check it out Now, I’ve done my bit on traveling. Not that much though, still lots and lots of places I haven’t been to. But lately I realized that I haven’t […]

We have great news for you

[vimeo id=”12977116″] As you guys know, Edward Suhadi Photography has a little associate program on the side called Faith and Grace Productions.

Do you like with what I've done to the place?

Finally, I’ve managed to post and take care of this blog. How do you like the new look? Basically the change is made because I want to make a larger space to post pictures. The plan is to post a lot of them 🙂 You can see at a glance everything is simpler and spacier. […]

Some images added to the FnG portfolio

We’re planning a total overhaul of the Faith and Grace website, but in the mean time I hope the current site will serve it purpose. Just follow the link on the right side of this blog, or click to get started.

New deals on FnG in October 2008

Y’all know FnG rite? That great little shop where you can find all your wedding documentation needs? With great prices and awesome quality? Hahaha… Given the success of the last trip, we have tailored another photosession trip for you and your lover to Bali (aaahh…..) – the details can be found here. Hurry, it’s just […]

New Gallery for viewing

Update: I’ve put another Gallery on the list. Just keep coming back, I’m dedicating myself in these couple of days to upload a couple more. Thanks!  Ever heard of slow food? Well, there’s a lot of definitions out there, but it’s a movement against fast-food: foods that served fast, eaten fast, mass produced, and tasted […]

Evy is ill

It is confirmed, our dear Evy is ill, and will go back to her hometown for two weeks of bed rest. This unfortunate event is coincidently take place on the same time when me and Francy are also leaving for Australia to shoot some of our clients. So in the meantime, please send your queries […]

Having trouble accessing

That’s because the bill for the domain name slipped through our hands… resulting in the parked domain name of – But we finished the payment 2 days ago, and still some ISP are not refreshed (resulting in a weird page opened if you navigate to I hope things will be back to normal […]

The New Faith and Grace Website is Up!

Guys, check out the new Faith and Grace Productions website. It’s up and running, but still needs a little tweaks a bit here and there, hopefully next week everything will be complete. Like I mention in my site, Faith and Grace is the new line I’ve created to add choices for the future customers. All […]

My first post!

Hi all, thanks for dropping by. This is my first attempt on the blogging world (haha… isn’t this 2008 already?) I hope you guys can continue to follow my journeys through this blog. Cheers,Edward

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