Disciples Concert Photos

Last 25th of May, the whole lot of Edward Suhadi Production’s photographers (there’s five of us now!)

Sidney Mohede's Louder Than Life Concert

I have known Sidney for quite a while now. Despite the fact that we come from different churches and never get that close, we meet each other from time to time, usually on projects. I shot GMB ‘Atmosphere” concert way back then, and shot for his album “Better Days”. I fully respect the man, since […]

The Tango Calendar

I always loved this scene. [youtube id=”F2zTd_YwTvo”] Considered as one of the best dance ever recorded on film. Watching it for the first time, I fell in love with the tango.

True Worshippers Glory To Glory Live Recording

Hi there, been a crazy couple of weeks so kinda late in the blog entries. Wish I had a machine that could post the things I shot, complete with retouching, resizing, and writing this very text 😀 We all have dreams about Doraemon, rite? This one is when I was out shooting my good friends […]

Shooting "Will you marry me?"

A while back I was fortunate enough to work with one of the best wedding videographers in the country, Ian Salim of Weddingclip. The project is the launching of a new engagement ring line, from the company that bring us the popular “The Promises” wedding rings. As you know, here in Indonesia we don’t quite […]

Caterer for Royals

Now, people don’t usually associate caterer with royals. Then again, that’s why they pick such a catchy name. I shot these images for Culture Royale Caterer a couple while ago. They are a caterer, meaning they serve food and drinks for your event, but boy this one is different. They are the the people you […]

TW GIOV Concert shoot

UPDATE: I’ve upload a couple more shots to the post, and maybe will continue to do so. Check back regularly! I had the opportunity last night to shoot True Worshippers (TW) Live Recording: God Is Our Victory. I’m sure you have heard of them somewhere. I have shot some of TW past concerts before, but […]

Assignment: Studio of Life Pilates

This assignment was taken a couple of months back. It was for a pilates studio in Kemang, Studio of Life, it’s in Kemang Raya just down further from the Pizza Hut (maybe some of you are regulars here?) Now, I’ve heard about pilates a lot, but I never see it first hand. Most of it […]

My Photos on the BCA Intermezzo and CC starter kit

I shot quite a lot of images for BCA back in 2006. I never saw where they’ve used it until today I received a starter kit for my new CC. Almost every image in the kit is my work, working intensively for 4 days with BBDO back then. So if you just applied a BCA […]

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