Sidney Mohede’s Louder Than Life Concert

I have known Sidney for quite a while now. Despite the fact that we come from different churches and never get that close, we meet each other from time to time, usually on projects. I shot GMB ‘Atmosphere” concert way back then, and shot for his album “Better Days”. I fully respect the man, since he make the music and most importantly, lives them. A great artist, and also has one of the most distinct powerful vocals I’ve heard.

He wrote a whole bunch of songs up until now, and this “Louder Than Life” is his first solo concert. Started off powerful, and remained so until the end, which is pretty amazing for me. He sang like 20 songs but didn’t lose a single breath. True professional, and also a little help from above, I think 🙂 The crowds sang all those songs that are close to our hearts since probably ten years ago. Kinda like a nostalgic concert.

Thank you Sid for writing the songs, and singing them from your heart. I lost count on how many times I’ve seek refuge from “Slalu Bersamaku” lyrics when things seems unbearable in my life. I hope you enjoy this series of pictures. This is for you.


Shooting “Will you marry me?”

A while back I was fortunate enough to work with one of the best wedding videographers in the country, Ian Salim of Weddingclip. The project is the launching of a new engagement ring line, from the company that bring us the popular “The Promises” wedding rings. As you know, here in Indonesia we don’t quite ‘propose’ the ladies we want to spend the rest of our life with, at least that is what I know. Here we’re more with ‘clearing things up’ first with the in-laws 🙂 Remember ‘Meet The Parents’? It’s kinda like that around here. So these people are trying to sail the uncharted waters, so we’ll see whether this will be a hit.

The concept revolves around the great times this couple had up until the ‘down on your knee’ time. So we shot them having great times, romantic times, hard times, we’ll you know the rest. Me and Victor shot side by side with Ian and Fira for three days in various locations and had such a great time. They make such a great team, shooting and directing in turns. I long admire Ian’s work, we had planned to do some projects together but we never seem to find the time until now, so this was kinda exciting for me. The finished work, as with everything that comes out of their door, is amazing.

As with the images, I think they used them all over the last exhibition (I could not make it) – have you seen them before?

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Caterer for Royals

Now, people don’t usually associate caterer with royals. Then again, that’s why they pick such a catchy name.

I shot these images for Culture Royale Caterer a couple while ago. They are a caterer, meaning they serve food and drinks for your event, but boy this one is different. They are the the people you go to when you wanted only the best for your F&B needs. Now I am not saying this just because one of the directors is a dear friend of mine, but because they served one of the best Spaghetti Frutti di Mare (Seafood Spaghetti, or to be exact: Fruits of the Sea Spaghetti) I ever had in my life, well, apart from those from Italy, of course. *basterd grin*

They really set the bar on this one. The food is from the best quality produce, interesting combination of menus, great elegant display, and friendly staff of waiters and cooks. I had so much fun shooting them. Who knew caterers can be so luxurious?

If you are responsible for the F&B for your next family/office gathering/party, give them a call. You won’t be dissapointed. Find Lorraine at 08121098388.

And, as you can see, I don’t only shoot beautiful brides and grooms. I’ve shot for all kinds of companies and assignments before. Here’s another example of my outside-wedding work. These assignments are good, they provide ‘breathing room’ and a change of view from your everyday work, to keep you sharp and on the edge 🙂 If your business have some photography needs, please drop me an email at – I might be some kind of assistance.










TW GIOV Concert shoot

UPDATE: I’ve upload a couple more shots to the post, and maybe will continue to do so. Check back regularly!

I had the opportunity last night to shoot True Worshippers (TW) Live Recording: God Is Our Victory. I’m sure you have heard of them somewhere. I have shot some of TW past concerts before, but last nite was waaay beyond. Maybe partly because I haven’t shot concerts in a long time, or because of the this little beast called Nikon D3, or may be because I was shooting alongside The ‘Dude’ David Axioo. Whatever the reason, I had so much fun last nite, and I also got to meet a lot of old friends. The atmosphere was amazing, and my lens probably only captured just a fraction of it. The released album is going to be awesome. Here are just a few of my favorites.

That’s David, me and Grace, some of the photographers for that day

One of my best shot, I think, in capturing Sidney’s emotion

Pongky focusin’ on the mixin’

On rehearsal time, the main light went out making this frame looks oh so very nice

David shot this when we tried each other’s ‘wife’ out 🙂

Rensis, the show’s director, was probably thinking, “hoo…booy…”

Uthe checking out her make-up backstage

You know those female journalists in the warzones, like Iraq, Lebanon? Grace fits the look perfectly 🙂

Chelsea kissing her dad good luck before he hit the stage (these kinda shots are the ones that made me fall in love with photography in the first place)

Sidney’s always a pleasure to shoot, since he releases so many energy on performances

The pastors are definetely very proud of the band, since one of them is posting pictures to his facebook page 🙂
(I hope I won’t get into trouble because of this, hehehe…)

“Excuse me sir, no smoking while operating the really expensive instruments please…”

Let’s play that game, ‘Whose Beautiful A$$ is it?’ 🙂

And last, but not least…

Boy, her boss should give her a raise or something, look at that enthusiasm! Hahaha… (Sorry Chiang)
David is supposed to post some of his own pictures also (I’m waiting Wie!)

Assignment: Studio of Life Pilates

This assignment was taken a couple of months back. It was for a pilates studio in Kemang, Studio of Life, it’s in Kemang Raya just down further from the Pizza Hut (maybe some of you are regulars here?)

Now, I’ve heard about pilates a lot, but I never see it first hand. Most of it was like physiotherapy for me, and I cannot understand why they say it will lose your fat and you can make a great body by doing it. Francy got a free trial session, and just from the simple movements, like sit-ups and bending her body in some directions, the personal trainer can tell what’s wrong with her backbone and posture. And just from those simple movements, her whole body ached for two days, hahaha…

After getting the right (and passionate) explanation from Yolanda, the owner (she also do pilates devotedly), I started to appriciate this form of sport (sport?). She said, “Aerobics, or a lot of other sports will make your body healthier, stronger, but it will also make you look buff-er, you’ll develop big strong muscles, which, especially for women, are not that nice to look at. Pilates will do all that, but it will still give you a slender and graceful look of a nice body form.” And it’s true. Now I say this with the utter respect to her, but she does have one great body. One that will turn heads (in a good way, gentlemen). When I directed one of the trainers, by holding his upper and lower arms, I can really feel what she was talking about. I can feel the tightness of the skin, and the ‘dry’ look of the muscles. The guy is also amazingly fit-looking, all the while without looking like a gym-addict-muscle-display (sorry you gym-addicts out there 🙂 )

She continued to explain to me that pilates is also very good for those with bad backs, scoliosis, troubled postures and injuries. The movements are gentle, graceful, yet powerful. The trainers which are pictured here, they all sweated like they have just run a two mile hike. I was surprised by this. All they do is just turn, pose, bend, very slowly. Maybe it was a lot like yoga. I don’t know, I never tried one of the courses 🙂 I’m interested though 🙂

If you guys are interested, you could call Dhina, the studio manager on 021 719 8814 / 688 18 2388, or email her here: – full address:

Studio of Life
Stott Pilates
Jl. Kemang Raya No 83H, 2nd Floor
Kemang – Jakarta 12730

(behind the scene pictures are coming)

The above image is my favorite pose, and also the most difficult of all

My Photos on the BCA Intermezzo and CC starter kit

I shot quite a lot of images for BCA back in 2006. I never saw where they’ve used it until today I received a starter kit for my new CC. Almost every image in the kit is my work, working intensively for 4 days with BBDO back then. So if you just applied a BCA card, browse carefully through the pages when you received the kit, haha…