Here for good

I love this commercial. Not just love, but L-O-V-E love. Saw them a coupe of times on cable TV. I kinda consider myself an ad man. I write and talk for a living, and I feel that I am above the influence of advertising. (well, most of the people are like that nowadays) So when […]

Give your birthdays away

(takes a while to load, as anything YouTube in Indonesia, but cool video, worth the wait) Cool idea. I’ve heard about it but just had the time to really look into it. Instead of asking people for presents for your birthday or anniversaries, how about you join them, set up a page like Seth Godin’s […]

A Modern Love Letter That Works

Do you guys know the hilarious Raditya Dika? A fab young writer I only have the pleasure of knowing online. Then again, most writers are not fun in outside of paper 😀 He wrote this, and I think it’s one of the modern love letters that we could still use in this day and age.

My Kind of Porn

That’s what these pictures are for me, orgasmic 😀 Vincent Laforet is one of the photographers whose works I deeply admire, long before he made a switch to being one of the leaders in still+moving pictures production taken with HDDSLRs. Eventhough that he is the most knowledgeable and most equipped photographer/directior in the industry, in […]

Geek wedding

I had some clients similiar to these chickens. Taken from my favorite Indonesian comic Chickenstrip

Slow meal = Life

“From Daniel Gilbert of Harvard to Martin Seligman of Princeton, the “happiness” (self-reported well-being) researchers seem to agree on one thing: meal time with friends and loved ones is a direct predictor of happiness. Have at least one 2-3-hour dinner and/or drinks per week — yes, 2-3 hours — with those who make you smile […]

Lets meet up

Evasive manuvers

It is highly probable that I will start using this move. For more excellent comics, head to Chickenstrip

What we take for granted

A lotta things happen behind the scene. Not just ‘click-click-click’, as a lot of people have said to me when trying to get a lower price 🙂 [vimeo id=”5989754″] Cover creation from Peter Belanger on Vimeo.

Wedding entrance as it should be

Found this cool video of Jill Heinz and Kevin Peterson wedding in Minnesota. I am sure that we cannot have this kind of thing here in the church in Indonesia. But still very possible in the reception entrance at the evening parties. All you need is a lot of alcohol and some shades or masks […]

Airplane flights on earth in one day

As a guy who spends quite some time in airplanes I find the following video totally awesome. Pay attention on the day/night as the sunlight/shadow move.

What you can do with your phone

Chase Jarvis put on a little photography contest to give away his old iPhone (he switched to, of course, the new iPhone 3GS). For those who come in late, Chase is a Seattle based photographer who unofficially has become the pop culture icon of the photographer’s blogosphere (along with, among others, David Hobby a.k.a The […]

The Perfect Gift: Family

I am not planning at all to tell the world that today is my second anniversay with my wife, Francy. But Lisna, a friend, left me a wall post on Facebook linked to this video. We (two couples) had dinner last weekend talking about the same exact thing mentioned in the video. And what a […]

Ideas that are, indeed, worth spreading

That’s the slogan at TED. Well, the exact slogan is “Ideas worth spreading.” I’ve heard about this TED thing a couple years back, all I knew back then that it was some sort of conference. I bumped into their site from one of the blogs that I read, and it sure is a treasure to […]

WTD: Too true to be a comic

I don’t know whether I have posted too many Aaron Johnson’s What The Duck comics, but they are too good not to be spread around. I think in the future I will put a lot more in this blog, tagged “best of wtd“. It’s a funny, hillarious, sometimes sad, kinda way to portray our daily […]

Soothing Sushi

This has crossed my mind while eating alone in a sushi bar at one time. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a little camera walking around the bar documenting the scenes and the people and the conversations they are having? Dennis Wheatley and Stefan McClean get to do it while they were in Tokyo. And […]

Find what you love

I am sure that many of you have read this somewhere, either someone mailed it to you, or you stumble upon it on the internet. Steve Jobs, the man who founded Apple, gave this life-changing speech to the students of Stanford University on their graduation day. I know that he is charismatic, visionary, innovative, and […]

Macet lagi dot com

We Jakartans have a very high tolerance for traffic jams. I always feel thankful when I see the traffic people have to go through to get to their offices and homes. I am one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have to share that experience (I live nearby to my office.) I also always try […]

Photoshop Unphotoshopped (really cool)

All of you graphic designers, or probably anyone with a home PC, must have seen the above screen in your monitors. Hmmm… I wonder… I thought these guys are geniuses, or they just have a tremendous amount of time on their hands. I found this link from one of my RSS reader, and while I […]

One from our own

You know I’m a big fan of What The Duck rite? Well, I just found this strip from our own backyard, apparently a programmer nicknamed Niwatori in Bandung, called Chickenstrip.

Jesus Inside?

Bumped into this car yesterday on Asia Afrika. I wonder who’s driving? Hahaha….

Which category do you fall into?

To all my clients (then and now): I’ve never said those lines, have I? *blushing*

Another real world fact by What The Duck

Hehehehe… For those of you who had some album revisions, this is not about you 🙂 All my clients are wonderful *grin* hahahahaha….

What really happened in a family photoshoot

This is that clip that people are talking about (it got 6 million hits on YouTube and counting) by the comedy group Barat and Bereta. And who said photography is easy? Hahaha…If you guys are going to behave like that in a photosession… please don’t call me. Hahahaaha…. Edward

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