Bazaar Exhibition 2010 : Hanging iPads

That’s how you get some attention: write a provocative title 😀 No, they’re not iPads. I wish. But they are also quite amazing to look at. These are LED panels, emitting lights from all its surface. The cool thing is, they’re only paper-thick, making them like something from the future. They are I think. In […]

Exhibition: The Tagging Result - Part 4 of 4

So! Thank you all for participating with this little competition of ours. Here are the winners 🙂 First Place:

Exhibition: Recap and Photos - Part 3 of 4

Me and the gang take a quick snapThis is the briefing time after day one ended

Exhibition: Recap and Photos - Part 2 of 4

The Finished Space

Exhibition: Recap and Photos - Part 1 of 4

Hellow all, I know some of you may have been waiting for the latest exhibition report. I departed for Bali a day after the exhibition and just got back, got a bit of sore throat and mild fever, so I have been resting to get back the stamina that was spent on the exhibition project. […]

Exhibition: It's over

Exhibition: Ecstatic and Sorrowful

Those are the two feelings I have waking up this morning. Ecstatic because yesterday was a huuuge success, and sorrowful because I have to tear the booth down to night. OH NO! Huaaa…. This being my first exhibition, I never had such a feeling. I mean I have directed a couple of plays before where […]

Exhibition: I'm loving it

Just like the ad. I’m loving what we as a team has built on that 3 times 6 metres of space in that Four Season Ballroom. Part of it because we are building it as a team and, part of it because it was so similiar with what I have in my mind all this […]

Exhibition: I am so happy

Looks like what I need to remedy my lack of sleep is seeing my space coming to life. We had a few bumps regarding the general rules of the expo, but all is blessing in disguise. Don't let a problem brings you down, but make what you can out of it. Because some of the […]

Expo Preparation: Just like the good ol'days

Hoaaa… I am sleep deprived, dirty, tired, cranky, and still have alotta homework to do. Hahaha… Just like the good ol’days back in art college. In those days I can work on an assignment until the sun’s come up and get back to class without sleeping. But I guess I am not that young anymore […]

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