Bazaar Exhibition 2010 : Hanging iPads

That’s how you get some attention: write a provocative title 😀

No, they’re not iPads. I wish. But they are also quite amazing to look at. These are LED panels, emitting lights from all its surface. The cool thing is, they’re only paper-thick, making them like something from the future. They are I think. In two-three years time it will be everywhere.

But for now, they were in my exhibition booth. As you guys have probably know, we participated in this year’s Bazaar Wedding Expo like last year. This year concept’s a bit different. As you can see, I still love the dark/ moody space. Lights can come out shaping the space better in dark rooms. The difference is that we used the panels as kind of a flying frames. I’ve had this concept a long time in my head, (before I was thinking of hanging portable media players) where people will have to maneuver between the frames. Glad that we can make this space a reality.

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Exhibition: Recap and Photos – Part 1 of 4

Hellow all,

I know some of you may have been waiting for the latest exhibition report. I departed for Bali a day after the exhibition and just got back, got a bit of sore throat and mild fever, so I have been resting to get back the stamina that was spent on the exhibition project.

The exhibition was a huge success (I think I’ve said that a million times already) – hahaha… This being my first, it is kinda special for me. All of my friends, even the guys at the office already encouraged me several times a couple of years back, but I never had the courage and determination to make it happen. I still lack the confidence, since I said to myself, “If I ever made an exhibition, it had to be ‘that’ good.” Until last year, when I felt, “Ok, this is it. Let’s do this.”
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Exhibition: Ecstatic and Sorrowful

Those are the two feelings I have waking up this morning. Ecstatic because yesterday was a huuuge success, and sorrowful because I have to tear the booth down to night. OH NO! Huaaa…. This being my first exhibition, I never had such a feeling. I mean I have directed a couple of plays before where I was also the one who built the decoration and everything, but I never felt this sad 🙂

I now know how did the crew on the set of Friends feel, when they finally tore it down after 10 years using it as their ‘apartment’ at the end of their long run. I saw the video once. Everybody was crying, and they shot this side from end to end without nobody inside it. Kinda eery 🙂 And really sad though, seeing all that people come and go in that set making history. So Jennifer Aniston, I know how you feel baby. don’t cry…. (apasihgajelas)

So many people come and go and participate and talk and chat and laugh and cry (claiming they have no more money, kontrakan abis, susu abis, buat bargain power waktu lagi nawar sama Evy, hahahahaha….). Friends dropping by and participate in the little competition that we’re having. Good music, hand-picked by Victor, my associate photographer who in my honest unbiased opinion has one of the greatest taste around in anything artsy. Good lighting and ambiance. Couple’s coming in fighting which frame should they ‘tag’. Everything’s perfect. Don’t worry about coming in when there’s a lot of people inside. You’re gonna love the atmosphere and ambiance.

We still have one day left. Please make time to come. I would enjoy your company. I will be there lunch time till the end.
See ya!


Exhibition: I’m loving it

Just like the ad. I’m loving what we as a team has built on that 3 times 6 metres of space in that Four Season Ballroom. Part of it because we are building it as a team and, part of it because it was so similiar with what I have in my mind all this time. I forget the last time I am this happy, and the guests haven’t even arrived yet 🙂 So, make time and drop by our space on the Bazaar Wedding Expo this weekend, at the Four Seasons Hotel

Too bad Mrs. Clinton couldn’t drop by. She said she was sorry though 🙂

Exhibition: I am so happy

Looks like what I need to remedy my lack of sleep is seeing my space
coming to life. We had a few bumps regarding the general rules of the
expo, but all is blessing in disguise. Don't let a problem brings you
down, but make what you can out of it. Because some of the
restriction, my space is better built n concepted.

I am so happy. Not because a lot of people are going to enjoy dropping
by at my place tommorow, we don't know that yet, but mainly because I
am pleased about my space. Now I am a hard man to please, especially
regarding design n production quality. But this time, I must say, I am
pleased 🙂

Thanks to Johan n Yu Cien who did it once again 🙂 Greaaaat woooork
you guys!

One word of advice: don't hesitate to come inside my space, its quite
cozy 🙂

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Expo Preparation: Just like the good ol’days

Hoaaa… I am sleep deprived, dirty, tired, cranky, and still have alotta homework to do. Hahaha… Just like the good ol’days back in art college. In those days I can work on an assignment until the sun’s come up and get back to class without sleeping. But I guess I am not that young anymore eh? When I am this way, all I need is a nice hot shower. Then all will be fine.

Everything is going as planned, everything, but not the scheduling 🙂 We thought the loading for the expo was tommorow, but after careful reading of the brief papers, it was tonite 🙂 So, we are speeding things up a bit. Theres nothing like last-minute creativity eh? Anyone wanna come for a bowl of chicken porridge after we load things into Four Seasons hotel in the middle of the nite? Hehehe…

I had high hopes for this expo. This being my first time after all these years, and some of the best photographers in Jakarta is going to be there, is not making things very relaxing. But in the end, all I want to do is to have fun, and I want to be proud of this ‘first time’.

We prepared something different, not for the sake of different, but because we want to knock your socks off 🙂 No fancy laser show or biga$$ widescreen TVs, though. Simple, but the stuff that we like 🙂

So whenever you are in the area, or you are feeling like marrying someone in the near future, drop by the Four Seasons Hotel Grand Ballroom, this Saturday and Sunday, 10am till 8pm. Once you enter the ballroom, we are the first thing you see on your left. I’m planning to be there most of the time, hopefully 🙂 But if I am not, we have good people there that will take care of you. (I just found out that there’s another expo going on in JHCC, remember, we are in the Bazaar Expo, in FOUR SEASONS HOTEL. Just to be clear 🙂 )

I hope to see you in person,

*now back into packing things into huge boxes*