It's Never Wrong To Do What's Right

This is an amazing story. Listen up.

DIJUAL: Kalender Komika 2013

Jadi begini. Mungkin terdengar klise, tapi sulit dipungkiri bahwa pendidikan adalah salah satu kunci terpenting bagi kemajuan bangsa.

Since When Do We Need So Many Pictures?

At our first solo exhibition Lagu Baru, there’s this one scene that I’ll never forget.

Lagu Baru: The first few notes

Well, the exhibition is over. It is well over a week, but we still have goosebumps remembering that three days.

Lagu Baru The Movie

Pameran Foto Lagu Baru telah usai. Namun tidak demikian dengan semangatnya. Tidak demikian dengan apa yang ingin kami sampaikan dan tularkan melalui pameran itu.

Pameran Foto: Lagu Baru

*Englisch sprechen? Click here* Akhirnya 🙂

The Photo Exhibition: Lagu Baru

*Mau baca dalam Bahasa Indonesia? Klik di sini* It’s about time 🙂 People are lucky when their first is special. His first kiss with that prettiest girl in school, or her first job with that dream company.

Kami Bersaksi

Hari ini saya diundang oleh teman-teman dari Indonesia Mengajar untuk berbuka puasa bersama.

Pak Rusdi Is Not Like Me

Last year, me and the photographers of Edward Suhadi Productions went to the remote areas in Indonesia to shoot Pengajar Muda,

The Finish Line

I’m trying to imagine how it would feel like to be one of the Pengajar Muda right now, most of us on our last day.

Satu Kilometer Terakhir

  *sebuah surat untuk seluruh teman-teman Pengajar Muda Angkatan I* Salam sejahtera, Apa kabar teman-teman terkasih Pengajar Muda Angkatan I?

Indonesia Mengajar Highlights Video for TEDxJakarta

It’s been a great day. The video I made for TEDxJakarta today was a huge success.

From The Ritz to Toro Subang

This afternoon while I was shooting a couple here in Singapore, my wife texted me, “Evi from Indonesia Mengajar just asked me,

Surat Buat Mereka Yang Ragu

Due to the nature of this post, I am writing it with the Indonesian language. Saya dengar bahwa Indonesia Mengajar sedang membuka pendaftaran untuk Angkatan III mereka.

Presenting the results #IMESP

 Tommorow, Handry, Henry and myself will be presenting the pictures we shot on the Indonesia Mengajar Trip to Mr. Anies Baswedan,

My last night #IMESP

This is my last night in Halmahera, and I am back to where I came from.  I am now in Toro Subang,

A book to accompany me #IMESP

“A plan is like the scaffolding around a building. When you’re putting up the exterior shell, the scaffolding is vital.

So far, stuck with Bieber #IMESP

Eight down. Two to go.   I have lived with eight out of ten Pengajar Muda in my twelve days stay here in South Halmahera islands.

Halfway Through #IMESP

I must say that I almost forget the taste of chicken. Me and Francy are halfway there. Halfway through.

Shitnetron #IMESP

In between houses living rooms in the city, it’s easy to see Indonesia shitnetron and just be okay with it.

Day Five - Suliliran (East Kalimantan) #IMESP

Hi guys, this is Henry reporting from East Kalimantan. Just want to share a story from the island I’m staying in…

Can't Sleep

Here I am lying on a floor in a living room of someone’s home, 12.30 at night, total darkness, crickets and other bugs chirping away.

Day Four - Toro Subang #IMESP

Too many stories to write I think I have brain cramps. It’s truly amazing out here. I am in Toro Subang,

Day One - Labuha, Pulau Bacan #IMESP

Day One in Pulau Bacan   Hey folks, this is Edward, reporting from the islands of South Halmahera.

The Morning Departure #IMESP

Here’s a video of ESP Team (Edward, Francy, Henry, and Handry) before departing to several destinations on IM-ESP Campaign.

First Day in Ternate #IMESP

I haven’t reach my destination yet, but I can already feel how this trip will affect my life.I am now in Ternate,

The Last Night #IMESP

It’s kinda surreal. When I was about to hit the lights on my out of the office tonite, I tried to remember when was the last time

Encouragement From A Friend #IMESP

I met Razi a couple of times in Indonesia Mengajar headquarter. He’s this very nice, good looking,

Live Maps! (so you wouldn't miss us) #IMESP

This is a kewl one 🙂 We made a simple GoogleMap so you folks could follow us around.

Trying Our King Koil for 3 weeks #IMESP

Henry said, “I just realized why there’s no white coloured sleeping bags.” Posted via email from Both Sides of The Lens Posterous

IM+ESP Update: A Letter to Our Beloved Clients

To all my lovelies, Hey, how’s it going? I hope everything is going well with you and your wedding preparations. <!–more–> I am sure by now you have heard about the upcoming trip that we’re taking, rite? Well, if you have not, you can read all about it here. Even with the preparations, it has been […]

Indonesia Mengajar Update: Talk on Motion Radio

Well, this is my second on-air experience. Having it on Motion Radio with the famous @dagienkz and @miund making it all more memorable.

Indonesia Mengajar Trip Update: Last Twist

I have food poisoning. And it’s five days away from going places with minimum toilet access.

Indonesia Mengajar Trip Update: Radio Friends

What would we do without friends? We recently visited Motion Radio and Indika FM to share this story about Indonesia Mengajar,

Indonesia Mengajar Trip Update: Rolling

Things are rolling. To be honest, we have our doubts about the trip. We figured, even though we have announced what we are about to do in our blog,

Indonesia Mengajar Adventure

Okay. I have to say that this is madness. But first, let’s start from the beginning. Brace yourselves,

Our Next Adventure

We’re preparing our next big, somewhat crazy, might be stupid, adventure. But like Seth Godin puts it, “If you can’t fail, it doesn’t count.

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