Weddings and Funerals and Revolutions

I just documented my wife’s granny cremation ceremony. It was a tough call. The atmosphere was gloomy and people were crying.

New Zealand Trip

Kiora everybody! I just got back from the Kiwi Land (New Zealand) and I want to share some of my stories about this trip.

Birthday Aftermath 2 : The Faculty visit

This was birthday surprise number two. Not did I suspect there was any, because after the crazy stuff the guys pulled last night,

Birthday Aftermath 1 : The Midnite Ambush

Here’s what happened. They originally wanted to surprise both me and Francy, but Wiwik, our new director,

Visit from the Pinodita family

Well, I had special guests visiting our new office a while ago. They are Pinot, Dita, Arwen, Leia, and Neo, affectionally called the

Escapades: A Trip to Finland

Tervetuloa ! Welcome ! Hello guys, this is my first post in this blog. My name is Maureen, and I am a designer in Edward Suhadi Productions. Today, I want to share my recent travel adventure to the country of thousand lakes and island, Finland. View Larger Map Finland is one of the Nordic country […]

New Zealand post is on the way

Many of you are expressing impatience towards me publishing the New Zealand trip photos and videos,

Halfway to Mordor [NZ Road Trip]

If you guys open up and put in ‘Kingston, New Zealand’ you’ll see a small town right on the corner of Lake Wakatipu.

Trip of a lifetime [NZ Road Trip]

In 20 minutes Francy and I are leaving for New Zealand. New Zealand has been like a unicorn for me and Francy.

Joining The Blacksmith

A small yet reliable blacksmith! I coined those words to depict the “warm and easy” team in Edward Suhadi Productions. The team that I recently joined in, after a long corporate journey in one of the most respected financial institutions (ehm… that’s only the jargon, those who are familiar with it, knows where I came […]

It's not the gift

But the love behind it, they say. I’ve worked with Ade Adeline (affectionally called ‘Mbak Ade’) for quite some time. Years actually. We’ve traveled distant places and worked on countless couples. I lost track on how many hours we talked on the plane or in the hotel, sharing life struggles and challenges. I considered herself […]

Randy and Nelly in Melbourne

This one’s from the archives. I shot Randy’s sister Petty (the always present face throughout my portfolio, could you guess which one is she?) and since Randy’s also went to college in Melbourne, he wanted to get shot there too. Came Nelly, one of the classiest faces ever showed up in my viewfinder. She got […]

The Tanjungs Family Summer Breakfast

This is one special family for me. I shot the only brother’s (there are another five sisters in the family) wedding way back in 2005, and have been appointed the ‘unofficial’ family photographer ever since. In this job, I am always blessed being around families that are close to one another. The Tanjungs is definetely […]

Photos from the Vietnam trip

Hiya folks, just found the time to dig and retouch and upload the pictures I took from the Vietnam trip. It really is a nice place to visit, especially Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay.

Stephen Della in Stunning Krabi

Remember that lady in my post Be A Good Client ? She’s actually on of the reason that inspired me to that much loved post.

Notes from the beach

Me and Francy are on the Seminyak beach watching the sunset. We just ate some pork satay and corn BBQ, with some cold Bintangs we bring. No schedules, no plans. We’re now just sitting on the sand leaning against each other and hear the waves and wait till its dark. I swear we make pretty […]

Intersections in Saigon

Like I said, see how people here are so eager to kill themselves? Watch how they ignored the traffic lights and just busting through. This happens EVERYWHERE! (1436 KB) Watch on posterous Thank you, Edward Posted via email from edwardsuhadi’s posterous

Horns, circus, leafs, and coffee

What my fiends have been saying about Vietnam is true. 1. “They honk when they wanna honk.” And they really-really wanna honk. It’s like everywhere people have just installed a new honk in their cars and motorbikes, and would like to see whether the thing worked, in case they need to return it for a […]

"Feels like you're in a Dono movie, eh?"

One thing that people describe when I ask, “What is Vietnam like?” Almost all of them will say that it is a lot like Jakarta in the eighties. A friend tweet me last night, “feels straight out of a Dono movie eh?” (for those who are not Indonesian, Dono Kasino Indro is a very popular […]

Why Do People Get Married?

The sad truth is that people do things because other people are doing it. It’s just the next logical thing to do.

Bazaar Exhibition 2010 : Hanging iPads

That’s how you get some attention: write a provocative title 😀 No, they’re not iPads. I wish. But they are also quite amazing to look at. These are LED panels, emitting lights from all its surface. The cool thing is, they’re only paper-thick, making them like something from the future. They are I think. In […]

The Tango Calendar

I always loved this scene. [youtube id=”F2zTd_YwTvo”] Considered as one of the best dance ever recorded on film. Watching it for the first time, I fell in love with the tango.

Seeing Things 100320

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Live WR : Club Scene + The Results

Well, at least I owe you guys one last post on the Live Blogging thing, hahaha… Things, as always, have been very busy, even I write this post in Bali, just arriving for a photoshoot. Sorry about that 😀 Well, most of the time, my lighting was not this tricky, but for this scene, I […]

Seeing Things 100304

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Live WR : Shooting in the market

Sorry I’m a bit late. Well just say the title ‘Live’ doesn’t fit the series anymore, hahaha…. This below is from a series we shot yesterday morning in the market. I’ve shot quite a number of times in a market before from my old commercial days shoot, especially for the banking sector. The main thing […]

Live WR : Don't judge a book by its cover

Muke sih bole gembel… (1321 KB) Watch on posterous Thank you, Edward Posted via email from edwardsuhadi’s posterous

Live WR : The dresser scene? I'm loving it baby

Wasted, drink too much beer, but… must…post… update….. hehehe Today’s shoot was fantastic. We made a beautiful set, complete with the antiques, which happen is a great hobby of William’s mom, so I can just pick anything from his house. You name it, she’s got it. I don’t know whether I should post this, but […]

Live WR : Change of plans

Oh, btw, Meet William. We’re planning some outdoor shots today, but the weather suddenly turn for the worse. But as the show director, I need to improvise. That’s the thing about working on location, you need to be flexible. You never know, the electricity can go out, the rain pour, the car didn’t arrive. The […]

Follow me around Palembang

I did not plan for this, but now I am thinking of doing a semi-live blogging of my activities around Palembang. I am here to shoot William and Rini, one of the craziest couple that ever walked through my door. We’re planning to shoot on a short story based on the Shanghai gangster era. We […]

Ara + Wenny Wedding Day

Ara and Wenny is the sweet example of what we called opposite attracts. Ara is one of those fired-up guys, always ready to blast a joke and hug his arm over an old pal while screaming “HOW ARE YA??!” Wenny is a sweet-spoken lady, with a tender smile and a princess stroll. I don’t know […]

This is we

We took these portraits after yesterday’s mountain retreat. We learn so much by sharing our experiences and skills to one another. We can feel our heads filled up, eyes freshened, passion refueled, and most importantly, the bond tightened. That last thing is what I am mostly proud of about this company, this little tiny shop. […]

Seeing Things 100101

Is there a client out there that will let me to shoot the entire wedding with my iPhone? 😀 See the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from edwardsuhadi’s posterous

Merry Christmas Friends!

I once said in my twitter feed, “This December is so busy I don’t feel a Christmas atmosphere at all :D” Yep it’s true. The office was so busy we barely had time to play ‘Winter Wonderland”. We have been blessed this year with all sorts of things. Not just jobs, but friends, families, relationships, […]

Shooting "Will you marry me?"

A while back I was fortunate enough to work with one of the best wedding videographers in the country, Ian Salim of Weddingclip. The project is the launching of a new engagement ring line, from the company that bring us the popular “The Promises” wedding rings. As you know, here in Indonesia we don’t quite […]

Seeing things 091201

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Jogja and Solo and a couple of cameras

I know this is waaay late, but I need this to get out of my system. As you know we had our office outing last August in Jogja. Designers and photographers, all the way to our assitants. It was a blast. Lots of memories and new experiences. Oh yeah, like this one here, and this […]

Seeing Things 091106

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Seeing Things 091104

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Seeing things

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