New Direction

Do Not Capture. Burn.

Some image could be forgotten, but some images could burn in your memory.

Are My Dogs Smarter Than Your Clients?

Dogs dislike being seperated from their masters, but a lot of times I need to.

It's Not Bad. Change Is Just Hard.

I stumbled on this post on the beautiful blog of Owen Williams, titled iOS 7 Isn’t Bad, Change Is Just Hard.

This Is Not Hollywood. This Is My Wedding.

I believe in authenticity.

In The Newsroom: Always Fight

Right now I am flustered with spirit. Washed by awe.

If You Don't Like Something, Change It

(I wrote this while waiting for my flight out of Adisucipto a couple of weeks ago. Just had the chance to post it now.) I just finished shooting Alferro and Shirley, on a two day photo trip around Jogja.

Your Microphone To The World

Just another project. Another wedding. Another prewedding.

The Harvest Does Come

It was an amazing three days in Kempinski.

Pictures To Remember

I am definetely still a junior here in the wedding arena in Indonesia.

What Do You Think Happened When A Company Lost 85% of Its Profit?

I entered the year 2012 with a clear intention on what I want to do. Because in 2011, I didn’t like the way the company was going.

Let's Shoot More Preweddings In Our Own Backyard

Clients are free to choose locations that they want, but we have long dreamed that more of our projects will be taking place here, in our own backyard.

Since When Do We Need So Many Pictures?

At our first solo exhibition Lagu Baru, there’s this one scene that I’ll never forget.

Work Not Only For Money, But For The Journey

I ran into this quite interesting trivia while reading The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. By the way, it is a very good book, I highly recommend it.

Should I Do A Prewedding?

People come up to me now and then to ask this question.

And Why We Don't Have Album Revisions

This post is an unintentional follow up from the previous post.

Why We Put Sambal On Everything And How We Can Change That

Many years ago, I had this conversation that changed my way of enjoying things. Real story 🙂

Where Will We Meet You?

Stumbled into this blogpost from Chris Council.

What A Great Picture

I attended a wedding here in Bali here with my whole in-laws gang: Francy’s mom and dad and her sister.

Stepping Up

I just finished watching Step Up Revolution. It was breath-taking and mind-blowing. I just wanted to shout all along the movie and shake my tushy off.

This Is What's Coming To Our Wedding Industry

Well, at least on my corner of the street.

Kicking Off 2012

  I certainly hope you guys still remember those posts about the vacuum cleaner and the revolution.

Fredy and Nonie and Their Dreams Came True

UPDATE: I made a video of what’s going on behind the scenes on shooting day. Can’t wait to show you guys this one.

On Vision and Making It Happen

Whoa it’s been a while since I post any tutorial in this blog. I guess I should’ve done more of these.

Michael and Jennifer in Those Movies That You've Seen Before

I have been wanting to show this to you guys since, ever. But Mike and Jen wedding had not passed that time,

A Promise of A Revolution

Yesterday was my last wedding of the year. Going home late from the after-party,

Believing In Vacuum Cleaners And Our Company's Future

On my last trip to Australia I brought home a special item. An item that has been coveted by my geek-slash-domesticated man for a long time:

Pick The Right Tailor

A tall, confident, handsome, muscular, good-looking man goes into a tailor. He says “I’d like a suit.”

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