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ESP Akhirnya Outing

People love being successful.

Pictures and Videos of TEDxJakarta: Generation: Anxious

TEDxJakarta will always have a special place in my heart.

We're Going To The Disco

[vimeo id=”60977215″] Today, 26th of February of 2013 is moving day.

End Of Year 2012: Announcing The Biggest Thing Yet

This end of the year, we’re announcing the biggest good thing that ever happened to our company. Yet.

Let's Shoot More Preweddings In Our Own Backyard

Clients are free to choose locations that they want, but we have long dreamed that more of our projects will be taking place here, in our own backyard.

Sorry Vienna: Another Birthday Surprise

Another cruel, but very successful birthday prank. [youtube id=”87RRmYlnp68″]

Should I Do A Prewedding?

People come up to me now and then to ask this question.

Lagu Baru The Movie

Pameran Foto Lagu Baru telah usai. Namun tidak demikian dengan semangatnya. Tidak demikian dengan apa yang ingin kami sampaikan dan tularkan melalui pameran itu.

Instawall: A Simple Yet Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Project For You

I’m sure we’re not the first one to make this since I saw the idea on the internet quite a while back.

Our Last Video for The Year

[vimeo id=”34397873″] We cannot fit everyone and every story in a two minute video, but you know who you are.

Fredy and Nonie and Their Dreams Came True

UPDATE: I made a video of what’s going on behind the scenes on shooting day. Can’t wait to show you guys this one.

Lice's Little Surprise

Before it was Maureen, and now Lice has gone into the world 🙂

Indonesia Mengajar Highlights Video for TEDxJakarta

It’s been a great day. The video I made for TEDxJakarta today was a huge success.

The New Zealand Campervan Trip Video

Here is it guys. It’s 27 minutes long, so get some snack 🙂 Make sure your audio is on since the first seconds are audio only.

The 2011 Doggie Calendar + A Video

As you all must have been aware by now that I love dogs. I love how they play, love how they wag,

Birthday Aftermath 2 : The Faculty visit

This was birthday surprise number two. Not did I suspect there was any, because after the crazy stuff the guys pulled last night,

Birthday Aftermath 1 : The Midnite Ambush

Here’s what happened. They originally wanted to surprise both me and Francy, but Wiwik, our new director,

We have great news for you

[vimeo id=”12977116″] As you guys know, Edward Suhadi Photography has a little associate program on the side called Faith and Grace Productions.

The Tango Calendar

I always loved this scene. [youtube id=”F2zTd_YwTvo”] Considered as one of the best dance ever recorded on film. Watching it for the first time, I fell in love with the tango.

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