Ryan + Merlies Sexy Hot in Bali

This one, we take it a little bit to the fashionista side. Ryan and Merlies were really up to it, and after a careful selection of items (and an intense shopping spree) we got what we wanted to wear.

The session was really a breeze, as you can see Merlies was really comfortable in front of the camera. Not many girls can stare directly to the lens, did you know that?

I love this series, combined with the full strength of sunshine on Bali, really makes this portraits alot more sexy-hot. The Limo Morris there, the owner said that it was the only Morris Limo in Indonesia. They literally chopped the car in two and add some body in between.

Make up by the fabulous Ade Adeline 🙂

Enjoy 😀


Randy and Nelly in Melbourne

This one’s from the archives. I shot Randy’s sister Petty (the always present face throughout my portfolio, could you guess which one is she?) and since Randy’s also went to college in Melbourne, he wanted to get shot there too.

Came Nelly, one of the classiest faces ever showed up in my viewfinder. She got the ‘look’, and it proved in the sessions. Natural and very casual, I have no trouble whatsoever shooting her. Some of the shots here became instant classic in my book. Too bad their wedding day was not free on my agenda, so I didn’t get to shot her in a wedding dress. Anniversary maybe, eh Nel? 🙂

Cheers you guys.

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