More Beautiful Than You Think

This Dove ad has been making rounds in the internet. And as a photographer I cannot help but relate myself to this.

The Internet Teaches Us To Look Up

While driving home and think about the things that I currently don’t have, I just realized something. The Internet has been teaching us to look up.

Your Microphone To The World

Just another project. Another wedding. Another prewedding.

Between 'Turn Around' and 'Try Harder'

That is always the question isn’t it?

It Is (Not) The End Of The World

I just got back from a family vacation in Jambi for Chinese New Year, and there were kids everywhere. One thing I noticed, they get upset a lot 🙂

An Internal Memo: My Email To The Team On The Last Day Of 2012

I still believe that my team is one of the best around. People that are great leaders and with great communication skills, good character, skills, integrity.

Relasi Bukan Prestasi

I ran into this article from Gizmodo.

It's Never Wrong To Do What's Right

This is an amazing story. Listen up.

The Sweetest Times Are The Toughest Times

There’s this episode of my life that I will always remember. It was the time when I have to choose a university after my schooling years.

Sakit Menuju, Bukan Sakit Melulu

For those who haven’t heard it yet: We’re moving to a bigger, spankier new office.

When The Food Is Bad, We Worry About The Plate

When I first read Seth Godin‘s blog, I was mesmerized.

Garbage Man

There’s this garbage man in my neighborhood. An irritating one.

Since When Do We Need So Many Pictures?

At our first solo exhibition Lagu Baru, there’s this one scene that I’ll never forget.

Work Not Only For Money, But For The Journey

I ran into this quite interesting trivia while reading The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau. By the way, it is a very good book, I highly recommend it.

Without Make-Up

“Ada satu hal yang Hendy mungkin lupa dia pernah ucapakan dalam perjalanan dengan saya dengan dia di dalam mobil waktu itu. Dia berkata, “Saya tidak suka Cynthia dengan make-up. Saya tidak mengenalinya. Saya rasa dia lebih cantik ga pakai apa-apa.”

The Little Things

So I just came back from shooting this amazing wedding in Bali with Lisa and Deddi,

And Why We Don't Have Album Revisions

This post is an unintentional follow up from the previous post.

Why We Put Sambal On Everything And How We Can Change That

Many years ago, I had this conversation that changed my way of enjoying things. Real story 🙂

Where Will We Meet You?

Stumbled into this blogpost from Chris Council.


While waiting for the ladies going shopping here in Bali a couple of days ago, my mind wondered about lifepartners.

What A Great Picture

I attended a wedding here in Bali here with my whole in-laws gang: Francy’s mom and dad and her sister.

Stepping Up

I just finished watching Step Up Revolution. It was breath-taking and mind-blowing. I just wanted to shout all along the movie and shake my tushy off.


One of my photographers lost both of his parents with not much time in between. His dad passed away three years ago, his mom a year later.

Kami Bersaksi

Hari ini saya diundang oleh teman-teman dari Indonesia Mengajar untuk berbuka puasa bersama.

Life Is Too Short For Anything Else

This Saturday morning, before I started to work on my deadlines, I browsed my RSS feeds, and ran into this Martin Schoeller.

Pak Rusdi Is Not Like Me

Last year, me and the photographers of Edward Suhadi Productions went to the remote areas in Indonesia to shoot Pengajar Muda,

Weddingku and Tattoos on Ladies

Weddingku Group is having their 10th birthday bash last Monday. It was always nice to meet with the people in the wedding industry.

Coming Up: Yacob

I don’t play favorites with our photographers. But until the weeks’ over I probably will have to violate that.

Action Reaction

You guys know that we’ve been looking for a designer for a long time. Any business owner, new ones or the ones that’s been in the business for years know that the hardest thing to do is to find good people.

A Teamwork

I’m stealing a post here 🙂 Not too often that I put up a post about an album arriving in our hands. But this one wowed me.

Vintage. Or Chic. Or Classic.

This started as a rant in my twitter feed. But I thought if I wrote it here, it might be useful for you brides and grooms to be.

They Are Photographers

I seldom call or introduce myself as a photographer. Felt like there’s so little that I’ve shot, so little light I’ve captured, I don’t deserve the title.

Focus On The Right Things

This morning, I read about this story: A student got caught with a 10 metres long of cheat sheet with a potential 25.000 answers to his exam.

Three Things That Shaped My Photography

I learn about f-stops and all his friends from Pak Nol, my music and photography teacher way back in junior high (SMP).

Back. To The Real Life.

“I made trips to Jakarta frequently. But I can’t stand it. I just want to do my business and then get the heck out of there.”

There's Five of Us Now

I am as proud as I can be right now. This is one of the core thing of why I am expanding Edward Suhadi Productions.

What My Bedroom Door Taught Me

I bought the house I currently live in fresh from the hands of a local builder that, unfortunately, are known for his low quality of work.

This Is What's Coming To Our Wedding Industry

Well, at least on my corner of the street.

If It Was My Wedding: I Will Be Happy

I love what I am seeing right now. I am in a coffee shop in a mall with my laptop open, and as I start to write,

Always Have A New Lover

I sometimes worry when I play favorites. As in when I boast on my twitter/facebook/blog about how I find a new couple’s pictures to be the best ones I have ever shot.

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