Lugano, Switzerland

Brrr, it is a cold morning, maybe below 10 up here, I was up early n
scouring for the big breakfast thing, but everywhere the stores still

I'm in Lugano, Switzerland, it's in the region of Ticino, the Italian
speaking part of Switzerland, down south, just across the border from
Italy. Just Google Map it.

I love everything Italian. The language, the people, and of course,
the food. I get to practise my Italian again from the last trip
(bonjorno, gratcie, prego!) hehehe… And I think I had the best
risotto in my life yesterday in a little ristorante called La Tinera.

The city quite in resemblence with Sorrento, a bit cleaner though,
being this a part of Switzerland 🙂

Fun fact: do you know they use 3 languages in Switzerland: German,
Frenvh, Italian? Since Swiss is in the middle of these three
countries, whichever area close to that country border, that's the
language they speak. In Zurich they speak German, in Geneva they speak
French, and in Ticino they speak Italian. Cute eh?

Uh-oh, my stomach's rumbling, better continue the hunt…