When The Food Is Bad, We Worry About The Plate

When I first read Seth Godin‘s blog, I was mesmerized.

Let's Shoot More Preweddings In Our Own Backyard

Clients are free to choose locations that they want, but we have long dreamed that more of our projects will be taking place here, in our own backyard.

Since When Do We Need So Many Pictures?

At our first solo exhibition Lagu Baru, there’s this one scene that I’ll never forget.

Should I Do A Prewedding?

People come up to me now and then to ask this question.

My 5 Tips On How To Have The Best Bridal Party

I’ve wrote that I will be sharing tips on how to do your wedding right? This is one of the many post to come. They will be put into If It Was My Wedding category. Enjoy.

Vintage. Or Chic. Or Classic.

This started as a rant in my twitter feed. But I thought if I wrote it here, it might be useful for you brides and grooms to be.

Instawall: A Simple Yet Gorgeous Do-It-Yourself Project For You

I’m sure we’re not the first one to make this since I saw the idea on the internet quite a while back.

Three Things That Shaped My Photography

I learn about f-stops and all his friends from Pak Nol, my music and photography teacher way back in junior high (SMP).

How To Do A Sabbatical - Part 2

The part 1 is here Go for a long stretch If you can afford it, or you have a really nice boss, provided that you think that you earned it, go for a long stretch of time.

How To Do A Sabbatical - Part 1

It’s gonna be a long one, but might be worth the read for you guys interested what I am going to talk about.

Always Have A New Lover

I sometimes worry when I play favorites. As in when I boast on my twitter/facebook/blog about how I find a new couple’s pictures to be the best ones I have ever shot.

On Vision and Making It Happen

Whoa it’s been a while since I post any tutorial in this blog. I guess I should’ve done more of these.

My First So Called Workshop

I always love to teach, so when the guys from JPCC Church Photography asked me to do their first workshop,

Where I Go Eat in Bali

I’ve been here countless times, I might as well share the joy (and the fat). This map shows you where I go eat when I am in Bali.

Example for The Golden Tickets submission

We have a lot of emails coming in asking details about the Golden Tickets videos. Most of them unfortunately thought making the video is a hard thing, and the thought of the hassle shooting and editing etc. turned them away. So, to give you guys a feel of what expected, we make the video below. […]

Why we think Google Reader kick some tushies

This post is dedicated to, once again, invite you to use and understand RSS. RSS (Really Short Syndication) is the new way to get your news. Imagine feeds of new blog posts and new articles from your favorite sites sent to your way, every second, constantly. Google Reader is kinda a desk, where you get […]

Lessen the risk of hard drive failure

Sorry Windows folks, this tip is leaning towards fellow Mac users. As a self-proclaimed geek, I always feel that nothing can go wrong with my gadgetry. I always stay up to date with the latest tech, I know how to take care of them and I believe in the engines of Apple softwares. But a […]

Live WR : Club Scene + The Results

Well, at least I owe you guys one last post on the Live Blogging thing, hahaha… Things, as always, have been very busy, even I write this post in Bali, just arriving for a photoshoot. Sorry about that 😀 Well, most of the time, my lighting was not this tricky, but for this scene, I […]

How to subscribe to your favorite blogs

I know this isn’t exactly the ‘technology for the future’ thing, but from my observations, almost *all* the people I know don’t have a clue to what an RSS feed is. I myself just started to use this feed thing a couple months back, and it really helped me to stay up to date with […]

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