Example for The Golden Tickets submission

We have a lot of emails coming in asking details about the Golden Tickets videos. Most of them unfortunately thought making the video is a hard thing, and the thought of the hassle shooting and editing etc. turned them away.

So, to give you guys a feel of what expected, we make the video below. Very low tech, simple, nothing fancy, just to remind you guys, we only need to see you and your chemistry. I shot the video below with my iPhone, then edit with iMovie, and upload it into YouTube. The whole thing only takes about 30 minutes. Then again, you don’t even need to edit. (sites like YouTube has an option to record straight from your webcam)

Simple enough? We hope so 😀

We are still waiting for more of you to join us and get those tickets for you and your friends preweddings. Register into the Facebook Event page, and shoot away. We hope to see you soon.

Why we think Google Reader kick some tushies

This post is dedicated to, once again, invite you to use and understand RSS.

RSS (Really Short Syndication) is the new way to get your news. Imagine feeds of new blog posts and new articles from your favorite sites sent to your way, every second, constantly.

Google Reader is kinda a desk, where you get all your newspapers and magazines.

We used to describe it as getting your news at home (Google Reader), instead of going to the store (actually visiting the website).

You visit 20 blogs a day? Then before understanding RSS you probably going door to door (website to website) to get your latest news/articles/posts.

But after understanding what RSS is and made your own Google Reader account, you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of the said 20 blogs, then you can just sit and see the news coming in, from all the favorite websites you hand-picked. Free. Instantly. Isn’t that amazing?

We hope the analogy is simple enough.

How do I set up a Google Reader account then, you ask? Learn it here.

A lot of people say it’s too hard, too complicated. The sad truth is people always reluctant to change. That’s why this is my second time writing about this RSS thing.

But really, trust us, it’s well worth the learning curve. Like us, you’ll never looked back.

Happy subscribing. You can start with our feed here.

Lessen the risk of hard drive failure

Sorry Windows folks, this tip is leaning towards fellow Mac users.

As a self-proclaimed geek, I always feel that nothing can go wrong with my gadgetry. I always stay up to date with the latest tech, I know how to take care of them and I believe in the engines of Apple softwares. But a couple of days ago I hit the ultimate disaster: harddisk failure. Worry not, all of your files and pictures are well protected in our system, and after a Time Machine restore, my Macbook Pro is now up and running. Even with regular backups, restoring your main laptop is definetely going to be a pain, like I felt yesterday, spending my precious half-day holiday in the Mangga Dua looking for a hard-drive. So now I want to share a couple of important things I learned about this, so you won’t have to get into the problems I had:

1. Backup regularly. We are always told to do it, but as I read somewhere 90% of people never backup their data, and those who do, never do it regularly, myself included. If you are a Mac user, there’s a little program called Time Machine in your Applications folder, and it’s easy as easy plugging a hard drive. So, *get* one! One thing to make sure you are going to do backups is when you have the hard drive ready. And then, just before going to sleep, just plug it in, and run Time Machine. Tomorrow all your data is safe and sound. Even if you had a failure, you can restore back like nothing happened (the desktop picture, the icons locations on your destop, the settings, etc.) Really wonderful piece of work. Make it a habit, like, every Monday or weekends.

2. Mac users also love to close their laptop and go. I do it all the time. Everytime I need to go, I just close the lid, put it in my bag and then run. If later I popped it open, instantly I can continue to work. One of the reasons I love Macs is this sleep/hibernate feature. It is really-really fast. It’s 1 second fast. But then I take this feature for granted (like every easy thing men have on their live.s) Turns out you need to *wait* for the light indicator to slowly glow, then it is safe to pick up, since it takes the computer 10-15 seconds to copy the state it is in to the hard drive. This is where I go wrong, I usually just close the lid and then immidiately pick it up and put it in the bag. I think this is the main culprit of the whole hard disk hardware failure.

Hope this helps.

Live WR : Club Scene + The Results

Well, at least I owe you guys one last post on the Live Blogging thing, hahaha… Things, as always, have been very busy, even I write this post in Bali, just arriving for a photoshoot. Sorry about that 😀

Well, most of the time, my lighting was not this tricky, but for this scene, I was planning  to get that multi light source kinda scene. Quite difficult feat to accomplish when there’s only three of us with a limited time and space and gear set-up. So I opted for a multi exposure kinda thing. The subjects will be indipendently lit, then composed together in photoshop.

We prepped the camera on a tripod then begin lighting the subject individually: the waitress, the singer, the hero. Here’s the individual shots and how they are combined. To get the haze effect we borrowed a smoke machine from a local shop. The room instantly transformed into a smoke filled club.

Here’s the two shots combined

And the last element added

Final shot after retouching

Aaanddd, the final images are in, all in their full gory! eerrr… I mean full glory! You guys can check it out on my site A Short Story I’m not sure how would people would receive it, but its the best we can do in a two days take. That’s a great thing about personal work: (well, semi-personal work) You don’t really care about the opinions of others, as long as you’re satisfied with it. It’s no Leibovitz, but we’re proud of it, aren’t we Will and Rini? Would love to hear what you think.

Thanks for tuning in.

How to subscribe to your favorite blogs

I know this isn’t exactly the ‘technology for the future’ thing, but from my observations, almost *all* the people I know don’t have a clue to what an RSS feed is. I myself just started to use this feed thing a couple months back, and it really helped me to stay up to date with the blogs that I love. For those of you who eat and breathe RSS, bear with me for a second, or in that case, just close your eyes 🙂

Ok. So you guys like to visit blogs rite? A couple here, and couple there, and when you have the time, or when you remember about the guy, then you open the link to the blog (most people also don’t have a clue to what a bookmark is, so the worst case scenario is they type it everytime they wanted to visit the blog. I’ll leave the bookmark thing for another guy to write 🙂 )

This is easy when you have only one blog to visit, but it’s becoming a problem when it’s six, and definetely a mess when you have twenty two. Well, if you don’t care much about missing a few (or a lot) posts here and there, then maybe this post is not for you. But for you who want to keep up with all the posts of those particular blogs, then you should try an RSS reader, in this case Google Reader.

Just to make it quick, I’ll try to have you subscribed to my blog. Just follow this steps:

1. Head on to www.google.com/reader/

2. If you have a Gmail email address, you can use the address and the password to log in. If not, create a Gmail account now.

3. You are all set with your Google reader account! Now, we’re going to try get you to subscribe to my blog

4. Look at the right sidebar of my blog, and find “Subscribe to my blog here!” section. Click on the ‘Posts’ button, and then clik on the ‘Add to Google’.

5. Confirm your subscription if they ask you to.

6. You are now subscribed to my blog “Both Sides of The Lens”!

You can do this steps every time you found a new blog you want to follow, or some news headlines you want to keep up to. Just look for the word ‘Subscribe via RSS’, or look for this sign feed-icon-28x28.png They usually already have a “add to Google” button there after you click the orange thingie.

Or, you can try this very neat trick to subscribe to blogs just with one click:

1. Log in into your Google Reader account

2. Click Settings on the top right menu

3. Click Goodies on the tabs

4. Scroll all the way down, and find the ‘Subscribe as you Surf” section. There, you have the word “Subscribe” as a bookmark (in orange). Just drag the word to your bookmark bar (usually its directly below your address bar, which is where you type ‘www.google.com’ or ‘www.yahoo.com’)

5. Now, every time you run into a blog that you want to follow, just click on that bookmark button, and voila! you are subscribe to that blog.

So, all this lengthy effort is for what? Just have a look in your Google Reader page, and you can see all that blogs in neatly arranged on the bottom left corner of your screen, ready to feed your hungry eyes 🙂 And its updated on the go, meaning that everytime you sign into your Google Reader page, you will know when there’s a new post in every single one of the blogs you subscribed to. Neat eh? You’ll never miss anything again 🙂

Hopefully this will help you guys out, and brings us closer to world peace. Amen. 🙂


PS: Please leave a comment if you learn a new thing today 🙂