Memangnya, Nggak Cape?

Bangun subuh lagi. Mandi subuh lagi. Ngantuk di mobil lagi. Antri cek security lagi.

Duluan Tertawa, Atau Duluan Hidup Enak?

Menurut kamu, karena hidupnya mudah dan enak, orang jadi gampang tertawa, atau karena dia gampang tertawa, hidupnya jadi mudah dan enak? Saya selalu percaya yang kedua.

Kapan Mengisi, Kapan Memakai

Di hari-hari kamu, sering merasa lelah kah?

Saya Suka Kemewahan

Saya suka kemewahan. Bener.

Why I Don't Follow My Friends Instagram

  It depends on how we look at Instagram. 

Siomay Bikinanku Jelek Banget

Beberapa hari kemarin saya dan Francy lihat sebuah post di Facebook tentang cara membuat siomay. Makanan yang cukup ngangenin apalagi dari kecil saya sering beli siomay model begitu setiap bubaran gereja. Ternyata nggak susah-susah amat membuatnya. Dari video pendek satu menit itu kita jadi terbayang: oohh begitu cara membuatnya. Jadi di hari libur kemarin, kita […]

Kenapa Bukan Belajar Pintar?

Saya rada kurang cocok sama orang pintar. Biasanya orang pintar merasa paling tahu, suka menggurui, merasa paling benar, dan kalaupun kita biarkan mereka berbicara, biasanya yang mereka ucapkan ternyata tidak terlalu pintar. Ternyata begitu-begitu saja. Sudah sering dengar saya. Biasanya enggak enak diajak kerja lagi, si orang pintar ini. Karena ya itu, merasa paling tahu dan […]

Liburan Supaya Bisa Kerja, Bukan Sebaliknya

Saya orangnya suka kerja sih.

Selalu Tentang Cara Kamu Mengucapkan

Kamu pasti tahu berita FBI menangkap 9 tokoh FIFA kan?

Dua Nasihat Penting Pernikahan Dari Ibu Saya

Banyak orang berkata, “Banyak pernikahan hancur hanya karena odol.”

Teman Saya Kalah Saham Satu Miliar

“Elu mungkin ga tau ini, tapi beberapa tahun lalu gue salah perhitungan waktu main saham. Hilang uang perusahaan 1M dalam 1 hari. Hampir stroke gue.”

Foto Di Sana Pasti Bagus

Ada satu pasangan di trip Jogja kali ini bercerita, “Iya waktu aku bilang ke temenku aku mau prewedding di Jogja, tanggapan mereka, ‘Jogja?? Kok Jogja? Emang ada apa di sana?’”

Jangan Hanya Manis Dan Laku

Pagi ini saya sedang berada di tengah-tengah desa di Bantul, Jogjakarta, sambil menunggu si calon pengantin wanita dirias.

Learn from Lion Air

I wrote not long ago about capacity.

The Soup Will Follow The Bowl

I learned this like 15 years ago from a friend.

What Are You Doing For New Year's Eve?

“You’re not doing anything on new year’s eve? That’s sad,” what people would say.

If You're Giving Birth On National Television

Make sure the kid is worth it.

Saya Memaafkan Prabowo.

Ini bukan tulisan sindiran. Ini sungguhan.

Edward Please Stop The Political Crap

Ada kekhawatiran dari teman-teman dekat saya yang saya tahu bicara ini karena tulus peduli dengan saya:

Tanggung Jawab Kamu Yang Sudah Sekolah

Di dalam pesawat ini saya sedang mendengarkan lagu kesukaan saya lewat headphone.

Surat Anies Baswedan Sehari Sebelum Pemilu 2014

Kalau masih ada setetes saja darah dalam diri kita yg cinta republik ini, saya rasa tulisan ini cukup akan menggugah kita. Selamat membaca.

Open House Disco

The Disco has been a great blessing for us all in Edward Suhadi Productions, and it was an honor to open our doors in our Open House Week.

A Letter from Joel and Marisza

I shot their wedding last Saturday. Forgive me for a little shameless self-promotion.

My first will read

The family is now going through Granny’s belonging. They found scraps of papers with written notes on it.

Speaking of wedding photojournalism

I’m sitting now in the boarding room waiting for my plane. Am catching a flight to Singapore to cross a bucket list:

Like I said, you need some luck.

Taken just now, apparently the priest is a serious hobbyist. Not in a thousand wedding you’ll get this scene.

Having a Mall Sundae?

I don’t like malls. If there’s a better place for people to come and meet with each other, socialize, talk and relax with your family and friends on the weekends, I’ll take it. But in Jakarta, there isn’t any. Malls have very different functions in Jakarta. Here, they’re the places to do those things. In […]

Well, I can't live without a home [NZ Road Trip]

I wrote my previous post just before I board the plane. Thus, I never had the chance to write what I think.

Could you live without a home? [NZ Road Trip]

As always, a trip must end. Traveller must come home. But according to author Tim Ferris in his book Four Hour Workweek, home is overrated. Home or a house, is expensive, hard to maintain, and in the end, you don’t really need a home. Now, imagine you without kids for moment for those who already […]

Change of plans [NZ Road Trip]

I stumbled to this New York Times article about how the digital world has taken us into captivity, most of all, our brains: http://su.pr/1MABEO It kinda snapped me out. Here I am, in the middle of the night, about to start an exciting journey into the wilderness tomorrow but all I can think of is, […]

Always lucky [NZ Road Trip]

First off, when we landed in Sydney, I texted my client friend Stef Pey whiter they wanna have lunch together during my couple of hours in town. Turns out Stef was picking up his mom and dad, arriving on the same flight as we did! We’re in the city in no time, riding in a […]

Technicals [NZ Road Trip]

Now, my default mode on getaways is “don’t touch a camera”. That’s always the case.

Seeing Things: Phang Sanny White Home in Ubud

Found a pleasant surprise going through Ubud today: My friend the designer Phang Sanny has just opened a cozy little showroom there, and it’s so sweet. Small sweet. I love the white cement floor against the bare feet walking around. Well worth the visit. Jalan Tebesaya, Ubud. Congrats Sanny n Djie 🙂 See the full […]

Guest post: On how (not) to choose a good man

I’m starting a new idea that any sorts of people could post their writing on this blog. I like writers, and I know that it is a talent, and it took a lot of work to put your thoughts into words. As long as it is positive and within the values of our little shop, […]

Delivery Date

See? I’m not the only one with the late albums :p

New Real Weddings posted on my site: Jeffrey + Octa

Taking a picture for Octa has been a real joy. She has that classic gracefulness in her face, and combined with the excellent brushes of Budi and Rizal, it’s no wonder that she will make heads turn. Here is a tiny taste: For a complete set, visit Real Weddings: Jeffrey + Octa on my site.

What if we were both Japanese?

We choose the above title for Hendra and Maryana for the concept of their prewedding. Maryana loves anything Japanese, and Hendra would love to play along 🙂 After a lotta sketches and browsing ideas and weird japanese magazines (they are ‘weird’ *scrathes head*) – the concept was complete and we shoot away in Vila Air […]

WTD: Wedding Photo-jour-ehm-nalist

Dedi & Anne: I got lucky

Now, before I say anything, have a look at this strip from WTD : This situation is one of the dillemmas that photographers face everyday (a good resource to document our daily tears and joy, What The Duck, a daily online comic phenomenon, has captured photographers hearts perfectly. Head there now.) Promising our best service […]

Junaidi and Alvina, very much in love

Now, I have seen a lot of crazy-in-love couple. Since they come to me to have me take their pictures before their wedding, they must be in love, rite? Now, to tell you the honest truth, some people are not that keen on being photographed, let alone having their feelings (read: love, romance) displayed for […]

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