Dedi & Anne: I got lucky

Now, before I say anything, have a look at this strip from WTD : This situation is one of the dillemmas that photographers face everyday (a good resource to document our daily tears and joy, What The Duck, a daily online comic phenomenon, has captured photographers hearts perfectly. Head there now.) Promising our best service […]

Junaidi and Alvina, very much in love

Now, I have seen a lot of crazy-in-love couple. Since they come to me to have me take their pictures before their wedding, they must be in love, rite? Now, to tell you the honest truth, some people are not that keen on being photographed, let alone having their feelings (read: love, romance) displayed for […]

All in favor, please raise your hand

Hahahaha… this one is dead on! Hahahaha… too true…. Ayooo wedding photogs, absen! Starting alphabetically, A, Awie… 😀

Realities in Life by WTD, again...

Ain’t that the truth 🙂 I think they put a camera in my bedroom last nite For more life realities, visit WhatTheDuck

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