Wedding And Marriage

The Ultimate Secret For A Beautiful Wedding

Every couple in the world want their wedding day to be perfect.

The #lifepartner Newsletter

I am, by my standards, happily married.

What Kind of Person Do You Deserve?

This happened quite a while ago but I still remember it vividly.

A Strong Lifepartner When You Are Not

Last nite me and my wife Francy were having a simple dinner in The Disco.

Can I Go Out With The Boys Dear?

Here is an article I wrote for the latest Her World magazine.

Should I Do A Prewedding?

People come up to me now and then to ask this question.

Without Make-Up

“Ada satu hal yang Hendy mungkin lupa dia pernah ucapakan dalam perjalanan dengan saya dengan dia di dalam mobil waktu itu. Dia berkata, “Saya tidak suka Cynthia dengan make-up. Saya tidak mengenalinya. Saya rasa dia lebih cantik ga pakai apa-apa.”

My 5 Tips On How To Have The Best Bridal Party

I’ve wrote that I will be sharing tips on how to do your wedding right? This is one of the many post to come. They will be put into If It Was My Wedding category. Enjoy.

Great Could Mean Simple

Dika and Nisa, who are getting married in a week wanted to make an announcement, so friends and families could give their blessing.


While waiting for the ladies going shopping here in Bali a couple of days ago, my mind wondered about lifepartners.


One of my photographers lost both of his parents with not much time in between. His dad passed away three years ago, his mom a year later.

Vintage. Or Chic. Or Classic.

This started as a rant in my twitter feed. But I thought if I wrote it here, it might be useful for you brides and grooms to be.

Focus On The Right Things

This morning, I read about this story: A student got caught with a 10 metres long of cheat sheet with a potential 25.000 answers to his exam.

If It Was My Wedding: I Will Be Happy

I love what I am seeing right now. I am in a coffee shop in a mall with my laptop open, and as I start to write,

Why Do People Get Married?

The sad truth is that people do things because other people are doing it. It’s just the next logical thing to do.

Marriage over wedding

Hoohum… a bit teary eyed just preparing this post. This is one emotional blog entry. My parents is celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary today, 8 December 2009. Forty-three. That’s quite a long time.

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