Wedding Day

The Ultimate Secret For A Beautiful Wedding

Every couple in the world want their wedding day to be perfect.

The Finland Wedding with The D3s

Hi guys, Henry here. Forget about everything Edward just said. It was nice to have a 17mm on your side πŸ™‚ X100 or not,

The Finland Wedding with The X100

I’ve told you how much I love the Fuji X100. Read the whole love letter here. I knew Maureen saw too much pictures from my ‘ordinary’ camera

Rio + Olivia Wedding Day

I haven’t had much chance on doing weddings outside Jakarta, but for Rio and Olivia I was there for their day in Surabaya.

Vincent + Melissa Wedding Day

Hi all! Trying to do some real work while I am up here in this part of the world πŸ˜€ I’m sharing to you now the pictures of our dear clients,

William + Irene Wedding Day

This is one cute couple. The thing I always remember about Irene is when she pulled out her own chopsticks on our first lunch meeting.

Jonathan + Sayaka Wedding Day

Hiya guys, Henry here. I’m excited to share this wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago.

Ervan + Shinta Wedding Day

I’ve been buds with Ian from Weddingclip, David from Axioo, and Kenisha WO for quite some time,

Mario Shielvi Wedding

This is one of the weddings that got held up in the server πŸ˜€ Shielvi brings so much grace to the photographs that I practically did nothing.

Harto + Christine Bali Wedding Day

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while since I posted another post since the IM+ESP trip.

Lance + Sherlia Wedding Day

Lance and Sherlia came a long way, since they first came to my booth on Bazaar 2009 (can you spot them in one of the pictures?).

Eric + Melia Wedding Day

All I remember is that Melia is gorgeously beautiful without a single hint of craziness on her face. I mean, just look at her.

Stepen + Maria Wedding Day

Stepen and Maria is one of the couples that we shot on 10-10-10. As you guys were all aware of, that date was so crazy,

Andy + Liza Wedding Day

I shot this wedding a while back, but just got the chance to post them here. Liza is a Singaporean who fell for Andy.

Ariawan + Renilda Wedding Celebration

Hey guys, it’s Henry again. This time I want to share to you the pictures of one of my best client.

Erik + Irene got Married in Cirebon Baby!

I’ve visited Cirebon a couple of times, but never shot a wedding there πŸ™‚ So glad I was there to shoot a wedding of this gorgeous couple.

Fendi + Kartika Wedding Day

Don’t you just love that smile? Seeing those teeth, Kartika must be either a dentist or a toothpaste saleslady.

Ryan + Merlies, That Sexy Hot Couple Wedding

After a hot session in Bali, I couldn’t wait to shoot these two. The day came, and boy do we had a party going on.

The Perfect Frame

This is what I call a perfect frame. The exposure, the composition, the moment, everything is perfect.

Jeffrey + Nelly + Cool Cousins Wedding

Why did I put cool cousins in the title? Well, for once, you don’t see too many of that around here.

Ricardo and Juliana Wedding Day

One thing I love about this couple is that they’re willing to go out of the box.

Jimmy - Astrid The Wedding

Hi there guys, Shooting Jimmy and Astrid on this celebration, definitely brings up the affectionate environment. A clear morning, chill breeze of Lembang, a wonderful outdoor setting, wonderful guests and for sure, a fabulous bride and groom. Enjoy, Henry

William + Rini The Wedding

Remember William and Rini in my older blogpost? The one that has a fantastic set on “The Dresser Scene” Now, here comes another beautiful shots on their wedding day in Palembang, South of Sumatra.

Andrei Selvi Purwokerto! Wedding

The apostrophe is intentional. Because this wedding was full of laughter and excitement πŸ™‚ Ever since their prewedding photoshoot, I had so much fun. They’re both Javanese, and you can’t get more Javanese than Andrei. It’s like shooting Srimulat. Picture Asmuni, or Basuki, and imagine this chubby photographer that cannot stop laughing shooting his wedding […]

Jun Jin + Yenny in Kuala Lumpur

Hey! Why should the photo guys have all the fun? From now on, we’ll be posting more videos in this space. Here is one of our latest video production from a wedding in Kuala Lumpur. As you can see, Jun Jin and Yenny know how to have fun πŸ™‚

The Wedding of Hunky Stephen and Stunning Della

Remember Della? Remember the good client? Well, she’s hitched now. Stephen, you lucky basterd you. Definetely one of the best series of pictures I’ve taken on a wedding day. Like a perfect dough, everything just fall into place. The sexy bride. The hunky groom. The tattoo. The red bow tie. The Focker parents. The crazy […]

Samuel + Diana Wedding

Never had a whole after party room dedicated to a football club before πŸ˜€ But Samuel is one heck of a hooligan. Too bad Liverpool lost that nite, heheheÒ€¦

Ara + Wenny Wedding Day

Ara and Wenny is the sweet example of what we called opposite attracts. Ara is one of those fired-up guys, always ready to blast a joke and hug his arm over an old pal while screaming “HOW ARE YA??!” Wenny is a sweet-spoken lady, with a tender smile and a princess stroll. I don’t know […]

Lauren + Ira Wedding

Sorry folks to be late on the blog updating department. Things kinda piled up in the wee moments of the year πŸ™‚ To keep you accompanied, here are some of the great photographs we took from Lauren and Ira wedding a while back. Lauren is a big guy who cannot stop laughing, complimented by Ira […]

Dancing in the Moonlight

Upon first hearing the bride’s name, I know that a girl raised by a mother who named her ‘Moon’ must be a lotta fun. Kevin and Moon is this couple form Auckland, who planned their gorgeous wedding in Bali. Like I said before, these two is a lot of fun, they even practice a whole […]

I Shot the Rings

I admit the trend of shooting the couple’s rings come from seeing the photographers portfolio in the States. I don’t exactly know who started this thing, but lots of them there are doing this. I just love ring shots. They provide opportunites for you to tell a story, using two circles and the frame of […]

TJ and Ani Wedding Ceremony in Perth

Remember that horny, errr… I mean, amazing kissing couple? Hahaha… Kiddin’ TJ! Well, they’re having their wedding registration right there in Queen’s Park in Perth (the reception is going to be held later in Jakarta), and I am honored they are having me to document this special day. I arrived a day before to take […]

Through a little girl eyes

A couple days back I received an email from Raymond, a friend whose wedding I shot a while back: Hello semua,We just heard yesterday, Susan got 2nd place for a writing competition for non-fiction category.Please take a look at the attachment. Is based on Raymond’s wedding. Enjoy,CarlaNote: Carla is Raymond’s sister, and Susan is her […]

The Italian Wedding - Way Back Then version

As you can see from alot of my images lately that I love using that classic lith photograph look on my photographs. Lith photography is one of the old methods on developing pictures, have a look at the above article for some enlightment. Here’s another take on that Italian Wedding.

Switzerland wedding story coming up!

I havent made the time to write a post about the wedding I just shot, but its coming soon, so watch this space πŸ™‚ I am amazed by how friendly people are in Switzerland. Well, I might have only converse with a few of them, but from what I experienced, they are really2 friendly people. […]

Goodnite Letter from the Vaio girl

I was cleaning up my inbox tonite when I found an email from one of my clients, Sieska: “Do you believe love at first sight? Well, we do! When we saw each other for the first time, we knew that we will be sharing our life forever!Β Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t think, even can’t breathe […]

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