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Exhibition: Recap and Photos - Part 2 of 4
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The Finished Space

Here I am checking the spelling, even it’s quite too late for that 🙂

“Laris-laris” (hehehehe)

Here’s what it looks like when people started pouring in

Really cool shot taken by Henry

I saw no other vendors were taking pictures, but what the heck, this one was special for me, so I snapped pictures on every chance I got. I mostly took the pictures of people come and go in my space, tagging and everything. All the vendors are also having fun tagging too. It was such an honor to have them come and go, most of them are the best in the business too. Let’s see who’s tagged the winner!

The situation heated up when these two (Rizal and Budi) arrived:

For those who doubted that we have a twenty percent discount in our lucky dip, here is your proof!

The lucky couple, Kay and Wenny, already had their ‘luck’ tested. Another couple had beaten them when they were shopping for vendors: photographer (that would be me), hotel, wedding organizer, all was taken by this same couple (kinda like Bride Wars, eh?) – so when they get a 20% discount for their prewedding with me, it just shows that there is still justice in this world 🙂 Congrats ya!

continued to part 3

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  1. Ward, you have a super cool exhibition concept!! Love it love it 🙂
    Hey i wish i can be there and hang out…congrats again on the exhibition, looks like a huge success!