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What if we were both Japanese?
Edward Suhadi comment 5 Comments

We choose the above title for Hendra and Maryana for the concept of their prewedding. Maryana loves anything Japanese, and Hendra would love to play along 🙂 After a lotta sketches and browsing ideas and weird japanese magazines (they are ‘weird’ *scrathes head*) – the concept was complete and we shoot away in Vila Air Bandung, the perfect japanes-y place.

We had so much fun! They are open for anything, which makes my creative juices flowing even more. Even when I suggest that ‘Giant’ should be in the picture for Doraemon and Nobita sketch. First time I was in a client’s album. (Tell your grand-children who I am, will ya? I could just see them now, “Grandma, who’s this cute chubby charming man?”)

Maryana said she had tears in her eyes lookin at the pages. Exactly what she had in mind. She’s gasping for breath even just talking to me. Thanks for being ‘experimental’ for this shoot guys 🙂

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