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The Tanjungs Family Summer Breakfast
Edward Suhadi comment 4 Comments

This is one special family for me. I shot the only brother’s (there are another five sisters in the family) wedding way back in 2005, and have been appointed the ‘unofficial’ family photographer ever since.

In this job, I am always blessed being around families that are close to one another. The Tanjungs is definetely one of them. Even though they are a big family, and now some of them have kids around, they still have that spark. You can tell they grow up with each other, having as many trips as they could, sharing things as much as they could. As we all know these days too many families drifted with one another over the course of their lives, so seeing a close knit one is always a pleasure.

We planned the shoot to be shot in Puncak, in their big villa up in the mountain, and decided to make a breakfast theme. So everyone chipped in on the props and the food, and I have everyone ready to shoot on 7 am. We were going for that summer breakfast feel, where the huge family gather around the table and just have a good time. And looking at the pictures, I think we nailed it. Beautiful, fresh, warm. Really love the shots.

So, Tanjungs? … see you guys in another wedding(s)? Hahaha…

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  1. ed… 4 thumbs up ( as always …) love the pics so much. always amazed me to see so big, warm and happy families nowadays. kerennn kayak foto2 di luar negeri hehehhee.. god bless the fam and the photographer as well

  2. After looking at Pinot-Dita family’s pictures, I happened to see the title of this blog and got suspicious. The Tanjungs? Could it be…?! Yes, correct. 🙂 Did Fany do the make-up, btw?
    Anyway, wonderful shots!