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Always lucky [NZ Road Trip]
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First off, when we landed in Sydney, I texted my client friend Stef Pey whiter they wanna have lunch together during my couple of hours in town. Turns out Stef was picking up his mom and dad, arriving on the same flight as we did! We’re in the city in no time, riding in a comfy car while catching up with my good buddy.

Second, regarding the iPhone. In the back of my mind I said, “Well, I know how hard these things are to get by, I mean people are preordering for 3 weeks all over the world, so let’s just visit the store and if it’s there we’ll take it. If it’s not, it’s ok. I’m not in a hurry anyways.

Arriving in the temple, I mean store, I already saw a long line. There’s some stock left. I’ll take it.

And on a footnote: Man! Everything they say about this thing is true. It’s one amazing phone, and I am most excited about the camera photo n video capabilities 🙂 Take a look at this photo.

Wow. I might leave my D3s untouched. Sadly, the death grip antenna problem is true. But if that’s what it takes to use this phone, I’ll hold it with chopsticks everyday if I need to. Or oven mitts.

Thirdly, check in lady. Like I mention in my post, Be A Good Client, always greet them, ask them nicely, and be a good customer. She checked us in with an empty seat in the middle, meaning we have business class space in our economy seats.

Always lucky, always thankful.

PS: our hearts are kinda pumping standing there in front of the counter. We’ve been rejected in this place before on our honeymoon, and like I said on my previous post, NZ is kinda our unicorn. After hearing the boarding pass printed, we’re a bit relieved. Last fort: immigration. But after hearing “thump” “thump” – we know we’re home free. We’re finally going. Right now, we’re sitting in the boarding room, ready for departure.

Thinking about it, if we did make it to NZ on our first or second attempt, we’re not going to have this campervan/motorhome itinerary, which is the most exciting thing about this trip.

God’s timing is different. Thank You.

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