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Change of plans [NZ Road Trip]
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I stumbled to this New York Times article about how the digital world has taken us into captivity, most of all, our brains: It kinda snapped me out. Here I am, in the middle of the night, about to start an exciting journey into the wilderness tomorrow but all I can think of is, “Do I have enough 3G credit on my phone for my tweets and posterous postings?”

True, we humans in these times has all been a captivity, most of us fellow twitters out there. Emails, Facebook updates, visits and blog posts. We forgot what matters. As in Godin’s talk, we forgot ‘shipping items that matters.’

I forgot that holidays are meant to be different. Not the same hunkering down on my little screens only with a different setting in a different town. What a waste. Guilty as charged.


So, with these email, I bid farewell to my constant reporting on the go on this trip. I might send some pictures a long the way. But not much 🙂 All the great reports on the trip will be done after the trip. Thanks for those who has been tuning in.

Instead, I will talk, I will feel, I will listen, I will see, I will touch, I will photograph, I will drink, I will barbecue, I will hike, I will document, I will have a good time, I will breathe, I will run, I will love, I will appreciate, I will pray.

Sent from my iPhone who has been robbing my days all along.

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