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Speaking of wedding photojournalism
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I’m sitting now in the boarding room waiting for my plane. Am catching a flight to Singapore to cross a bucket list: ‘Learn photojournalism from the best’.

Tommorow I am attending a two day workshop by Apertura. As you know from my previous writings (search ‘stars’ in my blog) I had a big crush on them since a long time ago before I shook hands with Ray himself.

I almost missed this opportunity, but managed to get a seat just two days ago, when I decided to go.

Expecting a lot. I think I will learn alot.

Man, I’m learning from Apertura…

Thank you,

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  1. Good Luck on ur Seminar!
    I bet u will come home with a better perspective  and become more expert in photojournalism.
    Open ur heart, listen carefully, and don’t forget to look – Henri Cartier-Brensson