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My first will read
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The family is now going through Granny’s belonging. They found scraps of papers with written notes on it. It’s a stack of hand-written wills. I never read a will before in my life. The feeling is surreal, like having the departed’s voice instructing you. I found it very touching. Lots about her wealth and what to do with it. But one of my favorite is about her sewing machine (she was a seamstress in her productive years).

It reads:

“tentang mesin jait,

untuk aya, kalu tida di pake titip di garasi, ini untuk kenangan jasanya besar. anak2 mamie sampe jadi besar jasa mesin ini jangan sampe ada yg menjual. kalu ada yg minta kasih liat surat ini.

mami kori”

In English:

“About the sewing machine, For Aya, if you are not using it please put it in the garage, this is for a commemoration since it has done a great service. My children can get to what they are now thanks for this machine. Don’t let anyone sell it. If anyone asks for it show them this letter.

Mother Kori.”

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  1. My deepest condolences for Francy, and the rest of the family members.

    And about the letter, it’s simply amazing. It touches me deeply, especially on how she appreciates small things in life and be grateful about them.