Jonathan + Sayaka Wedding Day

Hiya guys, Henry here.

I’m excited to share this wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago. Many times I want to shoot weddings like I used to see on the western part of the world: more relaxed, with no protocols, only small groups of friends and family coming in. I ran into such wedding with Jonathan and Sayaka.

Jonathan is a cool guy from New Zealand, while Sayaka is a gorgeous Japanese-New Zealand lady. They’re both living in Auckland, and having their wedding day on the cool Alila Uluwatu. Evy has warned me about how beautiful the bride is, and how I should not to try any fishy business 😉

As you can see, they’re both look gorgeous together. And the smooth, relaxed environment makes a lot of things to happen really easily.

Enjoy the pictures!

6 responses to “Jonathan + Sayaka Wedding Day”

  1. Wsaswita says:

    Gorgeous…gorgeous Hen….un lavoro molto bello … impressionante

  2. aris a. says:

    Hi Henry, I saw several wedding’s videos. None of them came close to this video: simply amazing Who knows you will be inspired.

  3. Olmadecom says:

    wow, love this photo shoot and the couple:D

  4. Miss Lai Lai says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous couple. The wedding looks like a great one with such beautiful venue and people, and I love how the photos captured the emotions.
    Very impressive indeed. 

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