New Zealand Campervan Trip Photographs

It’s been a long time coming. This post is so late that I feel kinda embarrassed posting it. But, moving along… 😀

I’m sure you guys had heard about the whole New Zealand Campervan Trip I did last year. I hope you too had watched the famous censored scene in the short movie I made to remember this trip.

I also have had the honor to share my tales with all the would-be honeymooners through an article on The Weddingku Catalogue. You can download the pdf version here. I contemplated on writing some stuff here on this post, but mostly I’ve said what I want to say there in the article. Besides you wouldn’t want to read a whole lot of texts, would you? 😀 You guys want pictures! I’ve put a batch here, mixed with a lot of behind the scene and ‘holiday pictures’ of me and Francy, but you can see the complete landscape images on Projects section of the website.

Like you can tell from all hoopla, me and Francy did have the time of our lives, yet. Something new, something daring, something that tested the courage of your average traveller. Getting enough bravery to finally go and just drive the darn thing has been one of the best decision of my life. I think the pictures, the videos, the memories will not be forgotten for a very long time.

That’s the point of true travelling, isn’t it? To see and experience ‘first time’s.

I am, we are, thankful for the opportunity. We are not taking it for granted.

Inside of the campervan – very spacious and clean

At night-time, converted into a full-sized bed – I still remember how it felt sleeping there

Hanging back with the sun while waiting for my BBQ ribs on Lake Pukaki

Posing to one of the greatest valley sights on the way to Milford Sound

This is what we did over and over again to get that ‘campervan moving away’ video shot

My trusty Fiat from the Wilderness Campervan – great products and service

The hard part of campervaning – you clean your own ‘ehm’

The tripod is essential for video-taking – I lugged it everywhere

With warm coffee in one hand waiting my camera taking time lapse shots

I swear to God I did not bring them in my luggage – bought them on the Asian supermarket

Francy’s kicking it on the shore of Lake Wanaka

This is how far we went on our trek to the Mount Cook (little peak on the right) – we spent too much time time-lapsing

My brave girl on her jumping suit

Moments after landing

Our farewell gift from God – a full rainbow! – a first in our lives


One of our many ‘lunches’ with a view

Our first breakfast – eggs+sausages anddd… MI GORENG!

Like I said, we dined like kings while paying like the locals – wine+veggies+steaks

Steak and wine dinner over Lake Pukaki – beat that window view

The dangerous hike to The Remarkables Ski Field – that’s Queenstown in the background

The Remakrables hike – dangerous with no safety fence most of the time

Morning mist on Albert Town camping ground, Wanaka

In the thickness of Te Anau-Milford Sound Highway

Gorgeous valley and sky – Milford Sound

Under the stars – just the two of us – Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki – We never see so many stars

On the roadside – those lights in the distance is Queenstown

One of our most daring stops – on the roadside by the cliff outside Queenstown

Late on the trip – on the way to Greymouth – the moon kept us company

The shores on Pukaki

View of the Lake Hayes, Queenstown – where we just spent the night illegally 😀

Wanaka – Moon rise

Lake Wanaka

14 responses to “New Zealand Campervan Trip Photographs”

  1. Lucy Effendy says:

    OMG. So envy your trip! I will put this in my bucket list with my future husband to be. The pictures are gorgeous. The landscape is amazing. God is truly an ARTIST!

  2. Iven says:

    the FULL RAINBOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!! the works of His hands are so AWESOME!

  3. Shelvia Hendoro says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wish I can do that!!! *iri berats*

  4. Francy says:

    Seeing these gorgeous images reminds me of our beautiful experience.
    Will we make another version? *lirik Edward

  5. Miss Lai Lai says:

    *Speechless* Kudos to you Edward and Francy. These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful, I actually got teary – I’m not kidding. I miss New Zealand so much and will definitely make another visit to that home of 11 years-place.

  6. Geoffrey Dermawan says:


  7. Joe says:

    Can’t wait. 3 weeks to go. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee !!!! 

  8. Leony says:

    *ngiler…* ngelap..*ngiler lagi..* ngelap lagi…

  9. Dina says:

    amazing photographs!!! expecially capturing the stars in the night sky with you guys in it. amazing!!!

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