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The Farthest Yet
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As you all know about Maureen leaving us, she’s getting married to Antti, a wonderful guy from Finland. They met in deviantART. Long story. I’ll tell you later, since they just called my name through the speakers, “Mr. Edward Suhadi, where the heck are you???!!!”

They’re getting married in this beautiful small village up north Helsinki, and I heart it is be-a-u-ti-ful. I am the lucky bastard who’s going to take the wedding pictures. I cannot wait. Meanwhile you can see some of Finland pictures through Maureen first trip.

Also before Finland, I’m stepping my foot on Netherlands, Belgium, then Germany, then after the wedding, Austria. I’ve got a long list of close friends and long time no see families with me here in my pocket. Should be interesting.

It’s been the farthest I’ve been from home. Finland is directly below The North Pole, could you imagine that?

Another surprise: Henry, Evy, and Lisa (one of our designer) will be joining us. Can you spell: ‘road trip’ ?!!

Don’t worry, Evy will be still handling your business and emails as usual, she just need to move back your meeting schedules 🙂 In the mean time, you can emal Fany, our resident manager on if you need a quick/urgent response.

This is a trip before the crazy hoolaa months of September through December. We’ll sure make use of it to come back refreshed and inspired.

We’ll try to send you pictures. Meanwhile, you can follow me on @edwardsuhadi



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  1. Enjoy your “road trip” there. Waiting for the pictures 🙂 Congratz to Antti & Maureen. Happy for both of you