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Show and Tell: A Weekend With Friends
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This has been a long-time coming.

Having done quite a number of weddings and portrait sessions here in Indonesia, we could say that we have learn so much in the progress. Things that we picked up on the way, things that we learn from others, and things that we discovered ourselves.

We have seen a lot of things that could be improved, firstly inside our business, but also for those who is out there: bad business practices, poor branding, lack of artistic vision that ultimately results in a struggling business.

We think we could share what we know.

So we envisioned a weekend where serious photographers and business owners could meet up, with coffee at hand, sharing the knowledge and experiences that will benefit all.

We’ve envisioned that for quite some time. Two years back, if we’re not mistaken.

Well, the vision is here now.

We, that’s David, Ivan and Edward, are hosting that weekend getaway this late March.

We’ll be talking about business, branding, marketing, pricing, and also values, manners, communication skills. There could be a little section about photography. (Just a little, since we think that most of you are way better than us at that department.)

Stories that inspires and values that guides will be shared. Questions will be answered and jokes will be told. Everything that we know, to help you build a better wedding photography business, we will bare all.

In short, it’s a weekend to get intimate 🙂

So now, the details:

* * * * *

Again, who are the speakers?
David Soong and Ivan Mario of Axioo, and Edward Suhadi of Edward Suhadi Productions

17-18 March 2012 (that’s Saturday and Sunday)

Where’s the location?
Somewhere in Bandung, to be announced a week before.

Will we stay overnight?

How many participants are you planning?
We’re aiming at 30 to 40 participants.

What’s it going to be like?
A relaxed environment where we encourage people to speak up, but also to open hearts and listen hard. Classes held in the room and also out in the open. Long break times that gives you time to talk and discuss and get to know each other.

But what exactly are we going to get?
It’s basically talks about the two hats that you always wear: The Artist, and The Businessman. Talks that will open up your heads and pump your hearts. A lot of discussions and sharing of personal experiences. We’re not putting up an exact schedule of topics yet since we are continually refining them.

Do I need to be a wedding photographer?
Even it is recommended that you are a working wedding photographer, but we will talk about a lot of things that will benefit you even if you are not. Serious enthusiasts, first-timers, business start-ups, all are welcome.

How much do I need to invest?
The price right now is hovering around 7 million a seat. We will update the exact number on registration day.

Why the steep price?
The three of us believe in sharing the knowledge, but we also believe that knowledge has a very high value. We have walked the talk, and spent huge investments along our carreers in learning what we know now.

We charge what we charge because we want those who come are the people who also believe this.

Besides, a weekend of intimate sharing is definetely gonna do your business more wonders than your average mid-zoom lens, don’t you think? Now that’s a smart business decision 🙂

Does it include the rooms and the meals?

Is it going to be a crappy hotel?
No, it’s going to be quite nice 🙂

Will I be sharing a room?
Yes, a room will be shared to 2 people. You can have your own room with an additional rate. Ask registration for more details.

How do I register?
We will open registration on the 6th of March at 10 AM BY PHONE ONLY.
The numbers you should call are Kinsky at 0819 08777700, Faustine at 0811 9931171, and Evy at 0816 139 1059.
We will not be accepting calls prior to 10AM. First come first served.

Can I call the above numbers about more details?
Yes you can. But we think we pretty much cover everything here 🙂

What is The Scholarship Programme?
We believe that knowledge is expensive, but we also believe in equal opportunities for all. So if this weekend is out of your budget, you can apply for a scholarship seat. If accepted, you don’t have to pay anything to participate. We’re dedicating 10% of the seats for this.

How can I apply?
Once the registration opens, you can write an email to with the subject [SCHOLARSHIP]
In it you write your usual details as in name, age, etc. and links to your online portfolio (website/blog/flickr/FB) And also you need to write why you’re the perfect guy/gal for a scholarship seat. Write as long or as short as you like. We’ll be announcing the accepted applicants once the paid regular seats are full.

Will I regret signing up?
We think not 🙂

Will there be a dance class?

But at least Ivan will be dancing, rite?

* * * * *

That’s all folks. We’re still refining details and there’ll be more announcements on the 6th of March, so watch this space.

Lastly, we’ll pray a year of good luck for you if you help us share this news.

We’ll see you soon,
Edward, David and Ivan

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