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Focus On The Right Things
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This morning, I read about this story: A student got caught with a 10 metres long of cheat sheet with a potential 25.000 answers to his exam.

The first thing that crossed my mind were, “Heck, if he just even put a little of that time and brain power of categorizing the answers, copying and printing and cutting the thing, he’d definetely pass the exam and be set for life. Such persistance is rare, and he’s definetely special.” I mean, if you are that smart and full of thinking and willpower, why don’t you just study?

We may laugh at the story, but everyday millions of us are doing the same thing. A lot of us are focusing great effort and time on the wrong things in life.

Attendance, instead of doing impactful work.
Bank balance, instead of fulfillment.
Competition, instead of enjoyment.
Words, instead of meaningful action.
Gifts, instead of real attention.
And weddings, instead of marriages.
(I’ve wrote about this)

It is because copying is a lot easier than creating. It is because being told what to do is easier than figuring what we want. It is because doing what everybody else is doing is easier than doing what really matters.

Because great marriages need real work and emotional labour, a lot more than deciding ribbon colours for our bridesmaids dresses.

Whenever you are in stress while preparing for your wedding, just remember the kid with the ten metres of cheat sheet.

Focus on the right things.

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