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Kicking Off ESP PhotoWeek 2012
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UPDATE: Live images from the road – click here for the gallery

I am sure you guys already know that we now have five photographers in our team. To read how it got to be that way click here.

Even though we work under one roof, a lot of times the busy schedule has been keeping us apart from one another. We rarely have time to sit together and discuss about our work, our victories, our difficulties. Whereas for us to work beautifully as a team and also as individual photographers we need to keep connected, learning and sharing from each other experiences.

That’s where we have this idea for a PhotoWeek.

The five of us photographers: Edward, Henry, Yacob, Lisa and Loloque plus lady organizer and stylist Francy, will embark on a week-long journey from Semarang to Yogjakarta, from the 16th to the 23rd of June. Along the journey there will be nothing but taking pictures, ranging from exotic landscapes, unique traditional activities, up to couple portrait sessions. We already planned a very packed schedule, covering every interesting stops and angle we could think of. Among them is Simpang Lima Semarang, Salatiga, Rawa Pening, and one of the most exciting, a visit to the King’s family compound (to be confirmed).

Then after a full day of shooting, on every evening we will come together to share our best and worst shots to be commented and critized upon. Building skill, taste, creativity, and experience. Brick by brick.

So why the announcement?

Well, we’re planning to tweet the whole thing when we can with the hashtag #ESPPhotoWeek – and if you are interested, you can click here to see the live stream.

We are also planning to have a showcase of pictures for each photographers after we got back, displayed here online on the website 🙂

In my experience of mentoring and learning, there’s nothing like an dedicated intensive time with constant applications and instant feedback to really build up your skill and discover your taste. So in the end, this PhotoWeek will benefit you, our dear customers, because we are sure to come home with a raised high standard and a clearer unique voice for the photography that our little shop serves.

We can’t wait.

See you guys soon!

*pictures are from my last trip to Pekalongan

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