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A Week Full of Lessons: closing Photoweek 2012
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It has come to a close.

I am writing this in the morning after eight days of travelling in Central Java, shooting with the guys I vouch for life.

All I can say is that we learn so much. So much. Too much for a blogpost.

Travelling is not about taking your pictures in front of monuments, or bringing home useless crap that will gather dust in your home.

Travelling is about seeing and understanding how others live, so we can either be grateful, or be inspired, by what we experience.

Travelling is about telling stories about your world to strangers, and hear more amazing ones in return.

Travelling is about understanding that the world is vast. It does not only revolve around your zip code and it does not only revolve around things that you understand.

Travelling is about taking pictures that will bring understanding, and truth to your viewers, be it your family, your office workers, or your worldwide spectators. They are not interested in pictures of the pizza you eat or another picture of the Eiffel tower.

Travelling is about making yourself a better, wiser person for the home you are in. You judge better, you listen closer.

Travelling is about seeing other ‘normal’ lives, so you can cherish your own.

Travelling is about being invited to a stranger house, being shown the things that he loves, since he wants you to understand.

Travelling is about discovering the partners you are with. The true characters, their true weaknesses, their true strengths.

I am thankful that I have been travelling all my life.

Thank you for all the people that are helping us to find our ways, to make this trip easier. Marisza, Joel, Bapak Is, Melly, Julie, Bapak Soegiaharto, Noni, and our faithful driver Bapak Aji.

Thank you Francy, Henry, Lisa, Yacob and Loloque for sharing the last eight days. Let us hope what we learn is a lot less than the things we shared.

Off to rock another day. Cheers.

*Photograps taken by Lisa in the Pakualaman Macapatan event*

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  1. You’re welcome, Ward. Glad you all had fun. Gak sabar pengen liat foto2nya lebih banyak lagi di 😉