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Vintage. Or Chic. Or Classic.
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This started as a rant in my twitter feed. But I thought if I wrote it here, it might be useful for you brides and grooms to be. Also vendors could pick up a couple of things here.

It’s just I hear too many of the word ‘vintage’, I think my head’s going to explode 🙂 And ‘chic’. Or ‘classic’.

These words have been overused in the wedding circles, they have lost any significant meaning.

And besides, these words represent so many things, so vast ocean of looks, that when two people say ‘vintage’, most probably they are not thinking of the same thing. Same goes with ‘chic’ and ‘classic’.

Vintage. What vintage? The shanghai boy with suspender thing vintage? Or the black jazz singer vintage? Or Dono Kasino Indro with bellbottom pants and tight shirts vintage? Or the punk muted color short dresses vintage? What?

Chic. What chic? The black dots chic? Or the pastel colours chic? Or the bold purples and pink chic? Girly chic? Chiki?

Classic. What classic? Baroque classic? Lacy classic? Pillars of Rome classic? Timeless classic, portraits that will not fade away? Classic simple straight portraits classic? What?

Only using these words while building and communicating a concept will result in miscommunications and unmet expectations. Which, of course, is bad.

What we should do:

Use ‘mood folders’ and scrapbooks. Collect pictures from the blogs and internet. Tear pictures from magazines. Just a four or five of these will communicate very precisely of what you have in your head.

But remember, NOT TOO MANY. Clients come with mood folders with so much directions you’d think it’s a catalogue for a whole year. Have a 2 or 3 alternatives with 5 pictures each is more than enough. You’ll feel better too knowing that the choice are simpler, more easy to build on. You can’t have it all baby 🙂

Us vendors are also to blame. Most clients come with hope of answer and advise, but in the end, most vendors just said, “iya, model-model chic vintage gitu…” *collapsed on the floor* Good vendors/consultants will have visuals at hand, aiding the clients in her/his search of a theme/concept for their wedding.

Let us all repent. Less words. More pictures. Narrow focus.

Hope this helps.

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