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And Why We Don't Have Album Revisions
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This post is an unintentional follow up from the previous post.

If we pay for a product or a service, of course we can do whatever we want to it. But there’s this other side of that product, you see?

There’s an artist trying to say something.

This way thinking is what made us decided that, early on from January this year, as most of our clients know by now, Edward Suhadi Productions wedding albums is not available for revisions.

Yes, you read that one right. No revisions.

We find revisions to be an energy draining exercise, both for us and for the clients.

And most importantly, because after all the revisions are done, we cannot recognize the album anymore.

“This isn’t us,” we said when we flipped the pages.

So instead of giving the client the option of ‘This is my album, I can do whatever I want with it’ – we try to offer the often overlooked side, the side of ‘This is our work, we worked hard on it, we took this thing seriously, we put a lot effort on it, we want you to enjoy this as much as we do, because you trust us, and we won’t abuse that trust.’

This is our work. You pay for this.

There’s a very real danger in letting clients telling you what to do.

You lose it.

You lose you vision, your passion, your way of seeing.

You’re just a handyman trying to satisfy everyone.

There’s no arrogance or self delusion here. If we had done a crappy awful job, please punish us by telling everyone you know that you regret hiring us.

Many prospects fled at the sight of the sign ‘no revisions’ at the door.

But the good news is, some of them stayed. Some that are, for us, the ideal clients. Clients that we want to hang out with, and clients that love our work, and clients that take a bite without always putting on the sambal first. And even for a few the work is not salty enough, they still take it as it is and try to see it from our vision.

“I get you, Sir,” they say.

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  1. Oh my.. What another bold statement from ESP
    That’s why you are different and keep on evolving!!!
    We hired you for your creativity your passion to the world that you’re living
    So if you couple cant put your TRUST in your vendor than dont hire Them is that simple
    A greatest gift and support you can gave to a vendor is TRUST..
    If you’ve already put your trust on a trustworthy vendor
    They will give you much more than the potential we see in them….
    And Yes ESP team we do trust in you…
    Please do surprise us!!!