The Disco House Warming

I was told to write something by the team for this post. “The pictures are ready, they just need some words.”

The more I scroll down the pictures, the more I realized that The Disco is telling about a journey. Why is that?

Because even though the building is only bricks and stones, it represents an important milestone. Of endurance. Of reputation. Of the (hopefully) good impact that has touched a lot of people.

I see pictures of Evy and I just so teared up knowing that she believes me more than anyone ever has. When the sales are down, when the unbelievers are turning their heads, when we are in troubles. She believes then, she believes now. I can only hope that The Disco is to her a prize jewel as it is to me too.

I see pictures of Mbak Ade of Adeline Make-up, whom I was working together with since the early days, almost a decade ago. She knows how ugly our first studio was, and telling her about how spacious and fully-facilitated this new one is, we cannot help but cried together.

I see a room full of professional colleagues that is the best in what they do that otherwise would not be there if Edward Suhadi Productions has not made a great work, a good impression, a memorable impact, and an enjoyable collaboration over they years of us working together.

I see the team that is here because of a business that is more than just money-making, but a business that fights for a vision, with good leaders on board that has been giving the best they can give.

I see the space that is somewhat an indication of a business that is running healthily, that is the result of a brazen distinct style breaking of the mainstream, and ready for some more amazing projects ahead.

It is a journey.

And The Disco is the new chapter.

The girl who believe since the very beginning.

Me and Mbak Ade cried together. She did makeup for my clients since we shoot them in my first dingy-rotten-cramped rental garage I call my studio.

Even Billy Simpson made his way to sing us a couple of songs.

My only regret for that nite is the fact that I cannot invite everybody at the same time because of the limited space and parking 🙁 Just remember that we will continue to invite more people and have guests to The Disco. Wait for the next invitation.

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  1. Faustina D Puspita says:

    What happen with your legs Edward? Really inspired by you…

    I wish in the future I can have my own studio also…

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