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Campervaning (Again!) Around Canada
Edward Suhadi comment 2 Comments

Hey you guys!

I’m writing this in a campervan in a parking lot in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

This is our 12th days on the road in Canada. Starting in Toronto, we drove all the way to Montreal to attend the C2-MTL Conference there (meeting Sir Richard Branson!) and now we’re slowly making our way back to Toronto, one national park at a time.

So far the experience has been soul-enriching, mind-blowing, and body-fattening 🙂

As probably most of you know that our first campervan trip in New Zealand has been nothing less than a wild success. I’ve made a video about it, wrote an article about it, and talked and evangelized countless people about it. In fact, if you google my name, “edward suhadi new zealand” came up on top 😀

The New Zealand trip was a discovery trip. It’s our first time and everything is so new and exciting. Like falling in love in highschool

This Canada trip though, is a bit more of a mature kinda relationship. We’ve been there and done that, so this time we take our time, make longer stops and soak in the experience.

So far we park mostly in camping sites inside the national parks, since here in Canada apparently the rules about camping is quite different than the ones in New Zealand. In New Zealand, they call it ‘freedom camping’, where using your common sense you can park anywhere in the land. Here they call it ‘heavy fine’ 😀

I think the main reason for no freedom camping is because the land is much more populated here in Canada. Everywhere we drive we can see mailbox posts everywhere on the side of the streets. In New Zealand, the houses are a lot more scarce and also you can find rest areas everywhere. Here, I remember only finding three so far.

To be honest, the view is a lot, lot more scenic in New Zealand’s South Island. You can see mountains with snow peaks everywhere. Here is kinda flat. A couple of hills, but mostly flat. I bet the views around Vancouver (Canada’s West Coast) is a lot more beautiful with the famed Rocky Mountains. Another trip then 🙂

That being said, I still enjoy this trip a lot. I really feel like living on the road, seeing one forest after another. I’ve been reading a lot, writing down inspirations a lot, and cooking a lot 🙂

Even though I still have a week to go, I can’t wait to go back home and work. Yes, work 🙂

See you guys soon.

Edward and Francy


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  1. Yep, your NZ campervan video convinced us to try South Island road trip, and then campervanning from Adelaide – Melbourne. thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Edward, sekarang elo nih yang bener2 udah jadi cowok kaya dari PD Thomas 🙂
    Udah keliling dunia kemana2. Gue kalah deh, hehe….
    Ke Canada aja belon pernah