This Is Not Hollywood. This Is My Wedding.

I believe in authenticity.

I believe in imperfections that made us real humans, real people.

I believe in misspoken words, uncontrolled gestures, and a day of being spontaneous.

I believe in genuineness.

These are my base for a vision that is Pictures To Remember, a manifesto of values that will guide and hold us true to the real meaning of why do you want a team of guys taking pictures and recording videos on your wedding day.

We are there to record a meaningful event of people’s lives. Because they want to remember how it happened. How it really happened, not how it would look good on an album and televisions.

Our photo department has been confidently living these values, while its younger brother the video department has been playing catch up for years.

Until now 🙂

If there is one thing that I want to build in Edward Suhadi Productions video department, is that we have to make authenticity and genuineness our main character.

The majority of wedding videos that you see now, for my taste, is too ‘perfect’. Too smooth, too symmetrical, too predictable, too beautiful.

It’s a brochure for a five star wedding venue, but not a recording of how real people get married and being happy.

The more production technology are invented, the more they are used. All the sliders, cranes, boom, track, glide, skates, gopros, and even helicopters are used. And almost all the time.

I am not saying I am against all that.

What I am saying is do you need to use every tool you have in the kitchen to make your every dish? I doubt it.

Also there’s too much choreographed scenes that will make everything ‘perfect’. A script to produce, a scene to record and a line to take. And in the editing room if it’s not how they pictured a wedding video shot should be, they leave it, they edit it out.

Works for some people, but it doesn’t work for me 🙂

That’s why from the beginning I always said, “Capture the emotions. Record the atmosphere. Go for the real people. Make it authentic.” “Move away from perfections and gimmicks. Learn to be happy as they are happy. Be a friend that gets what the room is feeling.”

And after years of hard work and learning and corrections and gatherings, I think we have finally nailed it. Move aside photo department, we’re sitting next to you now.

We’re not the best, but we are now proud to call these wedding videos you’re about to see as our own.

Because by watching it, you can feel their emotions, experience the room, live the moment, and look back of the memories of real people.

“This is not Hollywood, baby. This is my wedding.”

If you want to be able to say that, then you are our kind of people. Come join the revolution. Click here to get in touch with us.

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