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Launching Api Cinta The Cooking Show
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Even when we don’t yet have a studio, I always wanted to have a cooking show.

Because I hear too many young couples coming my way saying that they *cannot* cook.

Of course we know that is bollocks. As in everyone can cook. It’s just a matter of do you want or not 🙂

Or put it more subtle, do you have the time or not, or even more subtle, do you have the priority for it or not?

Because I believe in cooking in a family. A husband, father, wife, mother, son, daughter, could and should have a blast in the kitchen.

It is one of the most effective way of therapy after a long day or a long week.

You cut the carrots, wash the pok-chai, skin the potato, fry the eggs, stir the stew, dip the meat, all of that stuff while listening some music and converse with your loved ones.

My perfect Saturday morning is in the kitchen, moving quietly, the stove is burning, streaming jazz music is playing, and a couple of dogs lying on the floor next to my feet. A tiny slice of heaven.

My mind is completely relaxed, and with a relaxed mind you can think wonders. Ideas, breakthroughs, revelations.

If Francy is joining me, we can chat about our week, talk about our dreams, or just plain-old gossip.

And when you can finally make that dish, and it looks good, and it tastes delish, you have this wonderful sense of accomplishment. From raw food scattered in your fridge you can make this wonderful composition that you can actually eat and can’t have enough. A tiny victory of being able to conquer a lasagna.

I wish all these young couples could have experienced all that. At least give it a shot.

Then again, I can understand. The pressure of the kitchen could be overwhelming. Friends have told me that they froze in the kitchen while slowly breaking into a panic attack 🙂

But I believe that cooking is not panic-inducing at all. You just need to learn it slowly, and you need to learn it right.

I have not yet set foot in any legit cooking class, I just read and watch a lot of Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and Kylie Kwong. And I spent a lot of Saturdays in the kitchen. That’s it.

Here comes the old mantra: If I can do it, you can do it too.

So that’s the spirit behind Api Cinta. Love starts in the kitchen. Young couples should spend their times in the kitchen to, you know, cook and probably, you know, do other stuff, just keep the knifes in the drawer becausaaaaannnyyyy wayyy…….. *huge grin*

Write this down: —> this will take you to the YouTube channel.

We will promise to make this as often as we can, with better recipes and practical, very easy to pull off tips and tricks. We’ll put a lot variety in the show, inviting guests and probably move the locations around to keep the show exciting.

And as a tiny bonus, this is also a practicing field for us to keep on building our production value. The art directing, set building, script, lighting, audio production, post-production, we promise to up the quality in every episode. Hopefully, before you know it, we become masters.

We have released the YouTube video one day before this post, and a lot of very good responses keep coming in. A couple of clients/friends are actually making the bolu kukus right now after watching the video. Friends have messaged me telling me the 12 minute show has inspired them and they want to give this whole ‘love in the kitchen’ a shot.

Mission, in a teeny way, is accomplished. If Api Cinta Episode 1 has made you wander, again or for the first time, in the kitchen, then I think we can keep on doing this.

But again, the journey has just begun.

Thanks for watching, and please keep on giving us your support.

Here it is Api Cinta Episode 1

[youtube id=”XwX2eEu6mRU”]

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