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The Self-Pity Heroin
Edward Suhadi comment One Comment

I made this just now.

This morning I just had this grand sense of life, of its potential and vastness, and how little we are if we were to spend most of it watching a tiny little screen. What are we watching exactly? We watch these pictures of the people that we don’t like very much. Why? Because it felt good. Why? Because we are pitying ourselves.

We like self-pity.


Because it’s easy. Self-pity is really easy. All you have to do is look at other people’s achievements around you and just let your natural response come out. Shrug your shoulder, or better, with a loud sigh say: “Sigh, I will never be that way.” “Sigh, it’s easy because you were born rich.” “Sigh, well you don’t have a family to take care like me now.” Sigh and sigh and sigh.


Self-pity also frees you from any responsible whatsoever. Since the circumstances are so difficult, you are given a free, logical pass to not to try anything. “My own house? Do you know how expensive housing is right now? It’s impossible! I’ll always live in a rented house. Sigh.” You’re free from any obligation.


So self-pity is like a drug that is very much like heroin: addictive and very much will ruin your life. The difference is that this addiction is a well accepted behaviour in the society. As a matter of fact, if we are not to pity ourselves and be positive and fight for our dreams, colleagues and friends will stop hanging out with us. “That guy’s weird. I don’t like him.”

You know what’s hard?

Hard is looking at people’s achievements and be inspired by it. Changing that natural response into positive fuel to make an achievement of your own.

Hard is ignoring the fact that even when people have it the easy way, you are here now with only these things in your hand, but you will fight for what they have. Even more.

Hard is accepting responsibility that if your life sucks, it is pretty much because you suck, you lazy, mediocre piece-of-crap. Get over it.

Remember: You only live once mate. Time will not turn back. One shot at this thing.

How would you spend it?

Building your capacity? Making impact in people’s lives? Loving those around you? Be grateful for what you have?

Or you rather watching his big grin jumping around on a beach and cry yourself out into eternity?

  1. recently I started binge reading all your post.. this one particularly resonates well with me…especially the bit about not conforming to what society accept as normal.
    learned so much from your blog :), motivates me to become a stronger character

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