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Fight Your Own Battles
Edward Suhadi comment 0 Comments

So me and Tom were talking about a mutual friend who is in a difficult time in his life.

The situations around him suddenly expect him to do a lot of things with great challenges and responsibility.

I said to Tom, “Why don’t you give him a call? Give some words of encouragement.”

Tom said, “We shouldn’t.”

“Sometimes we have to leave people with their own battles,” he said while knocking on his chest.

“We, out of compassion and care, often offer too much help and too much encouragement.”

“Let him alone consider what is good and what is bad. Let him have his own struggles. It is good for the soul.”

“If we always puk-puk (encourage, nurture) people every chance we get, they will never learn to fight for themselves, and they will never grow high and strong.”

“Let him be. Let him fight his own battles.”

Good call.