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Pain Is Your Friend
Edward Suhadi comment 0 Comments

A couple of days ago Francy steamed this yam (ubi) for us to eat.

It was apparently had been in the fridge for more than it should.

When we had the first bite, it was sweet, but the next bites were very bitter. It almost tasted like it was poisoned. I then said, “We better stop right away. I think it’s gone bad and we might get into trouble if we kept eating.”

I remember an episode of Grey’s Anatomy many years ago where there was this little girl that genetically cannot feel any pain. She thought she had this superpower and asked one of her friends to hit her stomach with a baseball bat. She didn’t feel a thing but obviously she bled internally and she almost died without herself knowing.

I remember one of the doctor’s dialogue from that episode:

“It’s very dangerous if we cannot feel any pain. Pain is your body’s way to tell you there’s something wrong.”

That line stuck with me.

We often focus on the pains of life but not on what the pains are trying to tell us.

We focus on the pains, the dissapointments, the anger and the sadness, but not on what we should do next to be better, on what we should be fixing before we suddenly drop dead without us never knowing it was coming.

The pains in our life are not here just to make us feel pain and to torture us and to make us miserable.

The pains in our life are there to tell us something.